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August 30, 2005

More & More real estate blogs (The List)

Breaking_ground_3 First of all: “The market is booming! How come real estate agents aren’t getting rich?” An illuminating Slate article that illustrates my old points: No. 1. The average agent sells only a few homes a year, and No. 2: The median annual earnings of real estate agents were $30,930 in 2002. That’s a shame – Would YOU let a person earning $31,000 / year handles your biggest asset?

The historic homes blogger, a new blog by Realtor Frances Flynn Thorsen of Bethlehem, PA, who is organizing the Real Estate Blog Squad. There are now about 30 Realtors / bloggers who are planning to cover the NAR convention in San Francisco next month, including Craig Newmark, founder of Craigs list (and responsible for the Craigslist Effect). So, if some local readers of Grow-a-brain wish to get together, email me. The convention will take place October 28-31. I’ll probably be hanging around, looking for the old places I knew when I lived in the city in 1986-1990…

John Mudd of Tampa Bay, FL, one of the very first real estate bloggers, wrote an article for this month’s Realtor Magazine of how to build a successful blog. Worth reading -

From Todd Carpenter of “Lenderama”, a new Mortgage Industry Forum

A good blog from The Affordable Housing Institute

The rat and mouse, “estate agent” blog from London

Taro Akasaka’s Japan Real Estate Digest

Michelle, Organic Realtor from San Francisco

From The Columbus Ohio Real Estate Blog: “Columbus Ohio is the 78th most liberal city in America” - ?!

John A Keith’s Boston real estate blog

Jacques Coquerel’s real estate investment pro from Atlanta, GA, and Kevin Kingston’s The Real Estate Investors Blog

David Porter’s Pacesetter Mortgage Blog and Interest.com Mortgage Blog

Sacramento Real Estate Blog

Snow Home Properties, about Colorado's finest ski and golf homes

Linda DeVlieg’s Albuquerque MLS Blog

Joeann Fossland’s blog “Relaxed”

Oakland Real Estate Blog

Jay Hollander’s Real Estate Law Weblog, “From Bricks to Clicks”

I am getting my new home built in the White Gate area of Riverside. Photo above is of the lot after ground breaking. House warming party should take place around New Year’s Eve. You are warned. The complete List of Real Estate Blogs as well as Grow-a-Brain’s Extensive Real Estate Archives are Here

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Just to let you know I changed the title of my blog to "Japan Real Estate Blog". Thanks!

Posted by: Taro Akasaka at Sep 14, 2005 5:27:43 PM

I think that income number is a national average. Where you do your business and how well you perform your duties will indicate how much a Realtor makes. The best advice I can give to anyone in the market for a realtor is to ask them for testemonials from their clients. Good luck, everyone!

Posted by: Amy Blakeley at Sep 24, 2005 10:22:24 PM

that still dosnt explain why every one is still so excited about becouming a real estate agent.
just gos to show the sheep will follow the heard.
nice site! keep it going..

Posted by: Real Estate King at Sep 28, 2005 5:27:00 PM

no joke, sheep following the heard, monkey see monkey do, its amazing what you see in this business.

Posted by: Site Tutor at Oct 3, 2005 3:51:19 PM

There are people making 31K responsible for handling nuclear weapons.

Posted by: Jim Dermitt at Nov 24, 2005 4:00:40 AM

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I will bookmark your site.

Keepup the good work!

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Posted by: Donald at Jan 3, 2007 3:33:51 AM

My 2 cents regarding the national average of Realtors making $31,000 per year. Realtors that are willing to put the time in effort into building their business will be successful and considering that there are so many people in the business that are just part time and don't even sell any real estate I think $31,000 as an average is pretty good. keyword here being average, as in any profession you have the good and the bad.

Posted by: Dan Nappi at Mar 9, 2007 9:05:28 PM

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