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July 01, 2005

Need help finding good Gahan Wilson Links

Gahan_wilson Help! I cannot find any good information & or decent links about Gahan Wilson, one of the better reason to buy Playboy in the old days, except of some fuzzy “Wayback Machine” archives. How can it be? Please search for some, and post them here below

Whatever happened to Speedy Gonzalez? It wasn’t enough for Speedy. In "Where are the Toons Now?"

Welcome to Bulbo. Restored by Xeth Feinberg

Scott McCloud's How to make your own 5 Card Nancy

Guy & Rodd’s Brevity. (Found at ”Corposant”)

The Suck School of Comic Art

Movie Comics by Jay Pinkerton. (For mature audiences only)

The making of the animation movie Plumber (2002-2003)

I like Girls. “Hey Mom, I kind of like girls... Kinda sorta. Kinda sorta a lot. Especially this one. Hm, wait. I don't know where to start... This girl, her name's Marni. Marni Scotten. She's, oh man. She's wonderful. Really. You'd really like her, I know you would-if you didn't know she's my girlfriend. But if you could just not think about that aspect and look... I don't know. Remember when I was a kid and you told me that if Erik or I ever turned out to be gay you'd have failed as a mother? Remember you got all teary just thinking about the potential of it? Yeah. Maybe this is hopeless…” (From ”Blanketfort”)

Joe Linsner’s Faces of Dawn Look-alike Contest

S. Britt

A Rare comic strip by Charles Schulz showing adults

Do you know when your favorite characters birthday is ?

Many More Unusual Comics and cartoons Here

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Posted by: oiuu at Jul 1, 2005 12:14:13 AM

lots if you dig through
and asst collections/things

Posted by: nick at Jul 1, 2005 12:28:15 AM

I understand the frustration. I remember a wonderfully warped 4 paged Gahan Wilson story in "National Lampoon" (I think) about a little girl asking her grandpa. "Why is everything made from dead people?"

He explains that the were these burger franchises that started advertising 'new and improved long-lasting burgers'. First they'd last a few days. Once the burger-wars heated up they'd last weeks, months, years...

There was a curious side-effect: people no longer decomposed when they died.

So with all that non-composing material it was decided to build houses and furniture with them.

The art was deliciously eerie and I have searched high and low for this. If anyone knows where to find please let me know.

Posted by: Scaramouche at Jul 3, 2005 11:53:44 AM