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July 11, 2005

“He'd kill us if he got the chance”

City_of_parisSomeday, and the day may never come, I may call upon you to do a favor for me” – The new EA Godfather game.

(But Coppola is not too happy with Electronic Arts' adaptation)

Artifacts from the recent Marlon Brando auction

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As much as I love The Godfather, my favorite F. F. Coppola film is “The Conversation”. I could watch it again and again (And i did). Here are some clips: “He’s not hurting anyone” - Neither are we...

Some San Francisco Locations where the movie was shot

The music Theme by David Shire (RealPlayer)

“To the best bugger on the West Coast” - The Trailer

“This is a world where nothing is private” - Conversation Trivia

31 Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes - 94% Fresh

There’s something about this film that brings about long, intellectual discussions by academics. Here are some: Brenda Austin-Smith and Megan Ratner at “Senses of Cinema”, Paranoia and the Camera in Coppola's The Conversation

The Zoetrope Studios website

Many More Unusual Links about Coppola’s Godfather, about Spielberg’s “Jaws”, and about Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” Here

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