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July 15, 2005

Real Estate Prices Leading Indicators

Watermelon_capitolReligious Real Estate was formed to bring the best practices in the real estate industry to religious organizations. Our organization brings years of experience in commercial real estate that includes assets sales ranging from $107,000 to $51,000,000 for property types that range from vacant land to industrial buildings to office buildings”…

Landmark Houses. (From ”Things Magazine”)

Origami House exhibition

Dream Homes, “Inman News” new online video magazine. (From ”Socket Site”)

The Flores Street House Eater

Wonderful Houses Around the World. (From Avi's ”Jolly, Socratic Science”)

The Value of Bill Gates’ Home

Graphs demonstrating Greenspan's bubbles

Looking for some leading indicators for real estate

Indecent Proposal

Your Lucky Places in the House - Feng Shui Basics

Lawn and Garden Tips: Planting vegetables is a great money-saver. Over the course of a summer, you could shave $75 off your grocery bill with just a few hundred hours of work

Following you'll find a glossary of Terms often used in real estate advertisements

(Thanks to Ketan Chhatpar of Realtization Blog for the last 3 links)

Many More Unusual Real Estate Stories Here

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It is an interesting article and provide some unusual information about real estate industry.

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Posted by: Rajinder Dogra at Sep 13, 2005 4:59:08 AM

Just snooping around. Thank you.

Chris Griffith


Posted by: Chris Griffith at Sep 28, 2005 5:13:18 PM