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June 05, 2005

A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man

Godfather_game_1 A Sicilian message. In a desperate attempt to understand his own psychosis, Jonn Elledge presents ten suspicious parallels between the War on Terror and The Godfather trilogy.

1. Both have a rich and powerful family at their centre, fighting a war to ensure their own continued dominance.

2. Both are incredibly violent.

3. Both feature an enemy that will blow up cars and kill innocent people in their attempts to damage the Family.

4. Neither begins in earnest until a terrible peace time attack on the Family and their interests leads to a growing desire for revenge, and the Family's son – who incidentally looked lovely in his nice military uniform – needs to prove to all the doubters that he is a strong leader in his own right. But you cannot get rid of this lingering feeling that he just wants revenge for what they did to his dad. (More)

Who is the Godfather of Punk?

Upcoming Mafia game from Electronic Arts “The Godfather”. Some screen shots

Corleone's Family T-shirt

Mostly negative reviews for The Godfather Returns. Praise for the book on Mark Winegardner’s site

Many More Unusual Links about Coppola’s Godfather, about Spielberg’s “Jaws”, and about Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” Here

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The Godfather in a community was very much like the President of his "flock". Italian-Americans formed their own mini govenments and did not rely on the US Government in most any way. They did not look for welfare or food stamps or the police to help them.

In this Country we formed mini villages, with our own protections and "punishments", not unlike the local goverments.

While that method is in hindsight "frowned upon", you have to admit that we grew and flourished and assimilated better than most other immigrants to the U.S. utilizing that method.

Posted by: Ardell DellaLoggia at Mar 8, 2006 5:29:50 PM