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June 05, 2005

Children for sale

Gal_and_inbal I have 2 children for sale. They come as a set.

The first one is a 5 yr old female. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears glasses*. This is a result of my poor genetics, or so I have been told by my ex-in-laws. (full disclosure of my poor genetics at bottom.)
A little about her:
she can read
she is bossy*
she can run a dvd player
she knows how to use her apple computer (will be included if you cover the shipping)
she is very good at debating*
she knows how to ride a dirtbike
she does not require training wheels on her bike (she learned to ride the dirtbike without training wheels before her bicycle)
she likes to wash dishes. Not so good at the rinsing part.
she loves her brother and tries to hug him every ten minutes
she can make sandwiches. She will ask to make you one everyday for lunch.
she has mood swings*

Chris Anderson’s Roomba Discovery: Our children are growing up used to having domestic robots in the house. Robots for them are slightly dim but friendly vacuum cleaners, not fearsome weapons or fantasy toys. "Robot love me," declares the two-year-old

"I might barf" Baby T

I enjoy looking at old school photos . I like to study the facial expressions and clothing of the children. This Depression era one was found in a box lot of photographs purchased from an estate sale last Saturday. Here are few of my favorite details

The Sesame Street Encyclopedia

The ugly kids billboard controversy

Re-post: The Boohbah Zone

(Photo of my nieces above from my trip last month to visit my parents.) Many More Unusual Links About Kids Here

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Cute Pic... I know about those sales...LOL! Great Links per always.

Posted by: Sallie at Jun 5, 2005 6:48:56 AM

very nice how much?

Posted by: linda at Sep 30, 2007 4:57:17 AM