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May 08, 2005

Happy Mother Teresa’s Day

Mother_superior Mother's Day is celebrated around the world. The day is used by children and husbands to honor mothers and grandmothers for all that they do in raising children. Some of us just play Mother's Zappa's music all day (at Sub-Rosa, a secret restaurant in Dundee, OR)

Blessed Teresa figurine

According to the Sacred Scripture every Christian is a saint. So what are the implications of being beatified? The Official Site of the Cause of Canonization

Black Saints

The Mother Teresa of hedgehogs

Christopher Hitchens On Mother Theresa (1995): According to polls, Mother Teresa is the most respected woman in the world. Her name is a by-word for selfless dedication in the service of humanity. So why are you picking on this sainted old woman?

Listen to Mother Teresa Pray Her Daily Prayer

(There is a real product called Mother Teresa Breath Mist sold in stores, which can purge the demons of bad breath). More Unusual Links About Mother Teresa Here

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loved the "Mother Teresa of hedgehogs" piece. I live in Oslo myself but I didn't catch that particular news spot :-)

Posted by: TidiousTed at May 9, 2005 1:36:31 PM

Why not find out more about Mother Teresa and other dead famous people at DID THEY DIE? http://www.didtheydie.com

Posted by: Grim Reaper at Oct 18, 2005 4:56:26 AM