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May 31, 2005

The mystery of Donald Crowhurst

Footsteps_1 At 100,000 horsepower, the Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C turbocharged two-stroke is the Most Powerful Diesel Engine in the World

Bumfuzzle is the story of Pat and Ali Schulte, who grew up near St. Paul, Minnesota and were married in 1997. In March of 2000 they moved to Chicago. While in Chicago they came up with this crazy idea to sail around the world, despite the fact that neither of them had ever been on a sailboat before

The mystery of The Teignmouth Electron: On 1 July 1969, after sailing 16,591 miles in 213 days, Donald Crowhurst scribbled his last deranged entry in the log of Teignmouth Electron, made his way to the stern and stepped into the sea

A list of all passangers aboard The Titanic. (From ”Bifurcated Rivets”)

The 118 Wallypower

A selection of cruise ship posters from 1900 to present

Webcams of the Meyer Werft German shipyard

At 416 feet, Paul Allen’s “Octopus” is the world’s largest yacht. This is a Powerpoint Presentation from ”Yacht crew”

Make your own kayak for less than $100

Everything you ever wanted to know about Barnacles

Bill Reid explains the crowded Spirit of the Haida Gwaii which now graces the $20 Canadian Banknote

How was a trireme built?

Chumbe Island Coral Park, one of the most spectacular corral islands in the world

Unrelated: In the mid-1800s, John Banvard painted a three-mile long canvas of the Mississippi, made a million dollars exhibiting it, built a replica of Windsor Castle on Long Island, and died broke. Other panoramas there.

This is the third post composed together with another blogger, this time with Charlie ‘Vruba’ Loyd, who provided many of today’s links. (First post here, second post here.) Thank you, Charlie! If other bloggers are interested to share the forum here on any other topic, please contact me for details.

Many More Unusual Boats & Yachts Here

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Ya I needed capital your on my diet and look great....

Posted by: humberto james at May 31, 2005 2:49:02 PM

I had to write to you when I saw this waterdrop feet photo in yesterday's blog - I had just taken photos of my own 'accidental' water drops footprints on my counter a couple of days earlier that blew me away. That the waterdrops from washing dishes could fall in this pattern was mind numbing. So when I saw this shot, I got goose bumps all over ~ too weird a coincidence. My photo business name got started by "feet" (Footographer's Delight). There must be a great message here!

Posted by: Eileen Gayle at Jun 1, 2005 9:50:56 PM

Want to know more about Paul Allen’s yacht “Octopus” :

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Posted by: bob at Aug 26, 2005 12:23:38 PM

A wonderful post! Boating is my dream and I think that everybody who has the possibility should try it and will never be sorry.

Posted by: michael jones at Aug 17, 2007 1:22:42 PM

this is so freicken alsome

Posted by: dakota at Feb 27, 2009 8:50:01 PM