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May 28, 2005

The Saturday Evening Post

Parents Garage Life magazine. As long as you are obsessively interested in something, you will eventually find a Japanese magazine that seems like it was written for no one else. Whether interested in Western shirts, Levis, bomber jackets, Coleman camping equipment, Red Wing boots, retro sneakers or Rolex watches, there is a magazine for you. And these are no flimsy get rich quick schemes; they are beautifully printed, wonderfully photographed and exhaustive. True labors of love by passionate individuals. (From ”Jalopnik”)

A new magazine, Understatement Weekly. (From Panopticist’s Magazine category, where the enclosed graphic is also taken)

Magazine Publishers of America look to the future

In 1923, J.C. Henneberger began Weird tales - The Unique Magazine. Throughout its 30-year history, the obscure pulp published some of the most outré fiction ever issued. The stories were odd, macabre, and completely unique. Weird Tales existed in a void, and the stories published therein reached pinnacles of strangeness never equaled

Colon is ace in hole. From “The Daily News”, L.A.'s third best paper

Axes and Alleys. The Official Magazine of The Royal Tractor Repair and Maintenance Society of Outer Mongolia - "Bringing you the best in tractor repair and maintenance information." Under direct control of the Office of Telecommunications, Director of Web Development.

Norman Rockwell Licensing from The Saturday Evening Post

May 30 update: Welcome, Boing Boing readers. Explore more than hundred strange topics that Grow-a-brain has to offer. Many More Unusual Newspapers and Magazines Here

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Posted by: Nick at Jun 1, 2005 5:46:01 PM


Posted by: Rick at Jun 1, 2005 11:25:41 PM

Seems like it's April 2005 issue? Nice touch by the designer :)

Posted by: A/C at Jun 2, 2005 4:39:32 AM

Lol PENIS! magazine

Posted by: the cool at Jun 2, 2005 11:20:49 AM

I don't think it was unintentional. It seems pretty intentional to me. Wouldn't have been printed without somebody noticing.

Posted by: Marcella at Jun 3, 2005 1:34:44 PM

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