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May 19, 2005

All ears

Tezuka Is The Lion King a copy of Kimba? Did the Disney studio steal Kimba and rework it as their "original story", The Lion King?

The Medieval History of Mickey Mouse

The Happiest Place on Earth: We went to Disneyworld today and it's supposedly the happiest place on earth, it looked more like people were in hell. (From The Disney Blog)

In honor of the park's 50th anniversary, here are 50 cool, obscure and simply odd things you probably didn't know about the self-proclaimed Happiest Place on Earth. No. 16. If the voice of the droid-pilot in Star Tours sounds a little like Pee-wee Herman, it's because both are voiced by comedian Paul Reubens

Disney’s first train (in Hong Kong)

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Pipe Organ by M. Rosales

These old Disneyland attractions posters. (From This is Pop, Best Disney Sites on the Web)

Many More Unusual Disneyland Links Here

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I used to watch Kimba when I was a kid, and now that I think back.... there are many similarities! I recall Kimba's father looking down on him, in the form of a cloud, etc. Wow... Simba, Kimba - coincidence? Hmmmm.

Posted by: Tadd at May 20, 2005 1:07:10 AM

I have this old video of Kimba from when I was little, and when I rewatched it, I saw so much similarities between the two, I think Disney did copy Kimba!

Posted by: Seronica at Sep 29, 2008 2:39:06 PM