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May 21, 2005

America in the 30’s

Pants America as it was, a tour of the US in Vintage Postcards, (By Atlanta Realtor Pat Sabin. It’s odd that only a few other Realtors bothered to develop extensive sites for the areas where they sell homes. A nice exception is the local Historic Anaheim Colony by Meghan Shigo)

Also, Old Postcards of Motels

Strange detail on the West Palm Beach FL Google map

Welcome to the Michigan Accent Pronunciation Guide: it is DAMNED cold in Michigan, so you have got to conserve energy. Consequently, the right way to speak "Michigin" is to
1. talk fast,
2. slur your words together, and
3. clip all your hard consonants, like "t". Someone smarter than me calls this a "glottal stop".

“I love the 30’s” Presents Episode 1: The Lindberg Baby Kidnapping

The I-70 Mountain Corridor

Animation of county boundaries for 1650, 1700, 1750, and census years from 1790 onward

North American Railcar Operators Association. (Thank you, Michael)

Many More Unusual Stories about America Here

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