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May 28, 2005

“Will you hand me a towel, tulip?”

Uma_1 The Sign of the Empty Symbol. Mark Conard essay on The death of God and the Royale with Cheese: Pulp Fiction is about American nihilism, the loss of all meaning and value in our lives. Existentialist Counterpoint - A dissenting view from Michael D. Gose at the erudite Metaphilm: “It is widely appreciated that Tarantino rejects both the a priori truths associated with the classical Greeks and the revealed truths associated with the Bible”

“This is a Tasty Burger”. Pulp Fiction isn’t the only place Big Kahuna Burger BK burgers show up. They’ve been seen in almost all of Tarantino’s flicks, including a few outside sources. Here’s the BK recipe

More Pulp Fiction action figures

More about Hawthorne Grill, 1956-1999

Jules Winnfield on hockey. (On the flight back to the States, I saw Jackson’s movie Coach Carter, and I liked it a lot, even though it was completely predictable)

The Norwegian Samuel Jackson 5 band

Waiting for The Vega Brothers

Many More Unusual Pulp Fiction Links Here

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