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May 31, 2005

Beer Gut

Beer_advertizing_1 Portugese Cerveja. (From ”BeTuMan”)

Glass beer mug checker

O'Paul Lee's Beer Jelly 21oz Mug. (From ”Coudal”)

The Ring Thing, the ring bottle opener that you wear

"It was the sight of Brasky's naked body that drove Brian Wilson insane": Bill Brasky Quote Archive. "We once had a bachelor party for Brasky. He ate the entire cake before we could tell him there was a stripper in it."

The Ultimate Beer Gut contest

National Six-Pack (Canadian)

Australian beers reviews

Beer Can Collector: Anybody can brew beer, but only God can make rust. (From ”Presurfer”)

A Huge Collection of Unusual Beers And Other Alcoholic Beverages Here

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Posted by: Beer bath! at Jun 2, 2005 7:07:57 AM

That checkers set look like a fun way to play checkers. You would not have to get up and get a drink unless you could not take any pieces lol.

The bottle opener ring is cool to. I saw that on another forum.

Posted by: Homebrew Guru at Aug 16, 2005 9:33:37 AM