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April 21, 2005


Janet_leigh Here's a video with the shower scenes from Hitchcock's Psycho and Van Sant's shot-for-shot re-shoot of it transparently overlayed on each other. (From Jwz)

Shooting script of North By Northwest, and some other of Hitchcock Script Collection

A Russian site with Soundtracks of Hitchcock’s movies (Some broken links)

Fashion of the Hitchcock chic. (From ”Quiddity”)

Hitchcock blondes and many other memorable Hitchcock Images. (From “Exclamation Mark”, who has another Hitchcock posting today: Tippi Hedren talks about 'The Birds')

Universal Studio’s Hitchcock site

The Art of Saul Bass and other title designers

Notes about Psycho:

• The film only cost $800,000 to make yet has earned more than $40,000,000. Hitchcock used the crew from his TV series to save time and money. In 1962 exchanged the rights to the film and his TV-series for a huge block of MCA's stock (he became their third largest stockholder).
• Robert Bloch's original novel was inspired by the notorious serial killer Ed Gein who was also one of the inspirations for the character of Hannibal Lector (The Silence of the Lambs/Manhunter).
• Hitchcock bought the rights to the novel anonymously from Robert Bloch for just $9,000. He then bought up as many copies of the novel as he could to keep the ending a secret.
• During the shooting of the shower scene, Hitchcock arranged for the water to suddenly go ice-cold when the attack started.
• Hitchcock originally envisioned the shower sequence as completely silent, but Bernard Herrmann went ahead and scored it anyway and Hitch immediately changed his mind.
• The blood in the shower scene is actually chocolate sauce.
• The shot of Janet Leigh flushing the toilet is believed to be the first such shot in American cinema history.
• Hitchcock tested the "fear factor" of mother's corpse by placing it in Janet Leigh's dressing room and listening to how loud she screamed when she discovered it.
• The MPAA refused to pass this film because they claimed to be able to see Janet Leigh's nipple during the shower scene. Hitchcock didn't edit it out, but merely sent it back, (correctly, it seems) assuming that they either wouldn't bother to watch it, or miss it the second time.
• Hitchcock insisted that audiences should only be allowed to see the film from the start so as not to ruin the surprise. This was unheard of back then as people were used to just coming in at any point during a movie.
• After the film's release Hitchcock received an angry letter from the father of a girl who refused to have a bath after seeing Diabolique and now refused to shower after seeing Psycho. Hitch sent a note back simply saying "Send her to the dry cleaners".

More Unusual Hitchcock and Unusual Chaplin Moments Here

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Great post!

Posted by: JimmyTwoshirts at Apr 21, 2005 6:25:56 AM

That transparent comparison of the shower scenes was really cool. Thanks for the great links!

Posted by: Andrea at Apr 21, 2005 1:00:27 PM

How about a site that shows all his cameos Hanan?
Surely, it must exist.

Posted by: Steel at Apr 21, 2005 9:03:12 PM

Of course it exists. See here -

Posted by: Hanan at Apr 22, 2005 3:28:25 AM

"Send her to the dry cleaners."

Sounds like our current 'Hitch' - Christopher Hitchens.

Gotta love the attitude.

Posted by: Amy at Apr 22, 2005 7:05:48 AM

Great links, except the russian .mp3 site. Exactly one(!) .mp3 was downloadable at normal rate, I gave up on 3 .mp3s with incredibly slow downloadspeed of 0.2/sec and the rest didn't work at all. Too bad...

Posted by: Beate at Sep 24, 2006 3:59:44 AM


Posted by: akd at Nov 20, 2006 6:35:52 AM