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April 24, 2005

People share their one-of-a-kind collections by opening museums

Baptist_college Frank Zappa sings San Ber'dino. (From Zappa ‘Chalk Pie’ - unreleased album)

Located halfway between the glamour of Los Angeles and glitter of Las Vegas (and just off historic Route 66), Exotic World is the only museum on the planet exclusively dedicated to the art, artifacts and stars of Bump & Grind's Golden Age.

The California Route 66 Museum in Victorville (Next door to the 8-unit building we just sold. From a Press Enterprise story)

The Fox Riverside Theater in downtown Riverside, where the sneak for "Gone With The Wind" had its first public showing

From FUH2, a vehicular mishap, across the street from my house, by the La Sierra University here in Riverside

Parishes in the Diocese of San Bernardino

Freecycle in Riverside, a community-based forums where people give (and get) stuff for, well, free

One of the oldest local blogs: The Orange Empire of Southern California Weblog

Palm Spring Live Cam

Craig List for the Inland Empire

Photo above of the Baptist College here in Riverside. Many More Unusual Stories About Riverside And San Bernardino Counties and about Orange County Here

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I've been signed up for freecycle for months.

Man, do they ever get some weird sh*t. One guy will post a lousy 3 year old copy of National Geographic ... I think he's lonely ... or f**king crazy.

Posted by: Steel at Apr 25, 2005 2:15:25 AM