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April 02, 2005

Je t´aime

Sylvie_vartan Swedish pinup star Leena Skoog steaming rendition of “Je t´aime” (1969). Also from “PCL Linkdump”, 15 year old Jodie Foster sings “la vie c'est chouette”

Videos by Serge Gainsbourg, from “Bedazzled”

The official site of Charles Aznavour. (From chef-in-the-making Brian Kane)

Radio Yé-Yé! is radio station playing the greatest hits of the 60's from France and Quebec (Canada), on “Live 365”. (Unfortunately, The Live365 free service is filled with the most obnoxious don't-you-hate-ads-advertising you can imagine)

Bits & pieces of The Best Of The French Cinema

More French Music from the Sixties Here

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