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March 26, 2005

What is a Hurdy-Gurdy

Hurdy_gurdy How to build a Laser harp, by "Jarrelook"

Gypsy Jazz guitar as played by 21-year old German prodigy Joscho Stephan

The homemade instruments of composer and instrument designer Buzz Kimball

Here comes The Hurdy-Gurdy Man (“singing songs of love”. From ‘A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments’)

Watch Eddie Peabody "King of the Banjo" playing "St. Louis Blues”

A Banjo on my Knee. A Vintage Banjo Gallery. (From The Cartoonist)

An Homage to Fairbanks banjos

“Broken Sorrow” from Nuttin but stringz - Rap & Violins

Over the last five decades air guitar has been created, perfected, and eventually elevated to the status of a bona fide art form. While air guitar is a fascinating and rewarding pastime, the Brothers Randall believe that an even higher form of art is that of "object guitar", the use of various objects in order to mimic the playing of a guitar

(Art above by George Callaghan). Many Odd Links of Unusual String Instruments and other Strange Musical Links Here

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You left out the bowed dulcimer, an instrument invented by my band-mate Ken Bloom. The first annual Pilot Mountain Bowed Dulcimer Festival is taking place this weekend. See http://www.boweddulcimer.com/

Note that Ken is the first and so far only luthier building this instrument, and also the only person teaching it, but there are a lot of players who follow him around like goslings.

Posted by: Melinama at Mar 26, 2005 6:52:06 PM

Yes, I like this "Hardanger Bowed Dulcimer" there -

Posted by: Hanan at Mar 27, 2005 12:50:30 PM