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March 07, 2005


Pong_1 I actually don’t play any games, especially arcade games. But if I were to play, I would go for Force Dynamics 301 high performance, commercial quality motion system… (Warning: Video is very noisy!)

San Jose real life Monopoly in the Park

A Web site about underwater bubble rings. A Bubble Ring is like a smoke ring, except it exists under water, and it is made of pure, clean air

Christian Goth Dolls

Gasoline Supersoaker. Comes with matches and refillable gas can

Extreme magnets made out of neodymium

Koogai polluted monsters

Divers Scrabble for a Underwater Guinness record

Many More Unusual Games and Toys Here

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A guy challenged me to play a game called Google
one search. You know it. Where you come up with a
search on Google that yields only one return.

Took me 3 minutes. I typed in neodymium cassolet.

Posted by: Steel Turman at Mar 8, 2005 1:57:51 AM