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March 07, 2005

”The Cuervo Gold, The fine Colombian, Make tonight a wonderful thing”

Bar_drinks Torah, Torah, Torah Set of 4: Heros of the Torah shot glasses - Sold out!

The Starbucks Glossary, from “The Banterist”

A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell

Audio drinking companion - The CD: Click on “Sounds” and then on a Title to Hear a Taste. The story behind the band

Adjectives Rarely Used by Wine Tasters

What’s an “Abner”? A hint: It’s from “Mixed Drink Oddities” and it involves Vodka

How do make sublime Café Sua Da, Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Coffee Compatible Bicycles, a double obsession

Three From "Modern Drunkard": The Zen of Drinking Alone - Using alcohol to find your inner monkey.

Drunk Talk - the new crop of bar slang.

Kisasho - “Come,” Augustine said. “Now you will drink like an African.”

Strange phone calls from a Crazy Drunk Guy

Good Things DO Happen To Bad People

Red Bull’s ingredients dissected. Yes, Red Bull Gives You Wings

Bartender magic. Tricks, stunts and gags to help you increase your tips, make new friends, or just have some fun

Flora's Non-Alcoholic Drinks. (From Joe Clark’s blog)

Droogle - Searching over 25,000 drinks

Many More Unusual Drinks Here

Today’s “Blog Of The Day” is “Web Wasteland” (Previously “Weird Links”), truly bizarre, often NSFW. I finally made a little Linking Icon the “winner” can stick on their site, if they wish

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Hi Hanan,

Thanks for linking to my George Orwell site. If you're interested in tea and Orwell please check out a few other related links:

All about Tea:

Chemists Seek Perfect Cup of Tea -- for Orwell:

Milk goes in first for the perfect cuppa:


Posted by: Charles at Mar 7, 2005 4:37:24 PM

Nice to see another Steely Dan fan. The folks over on the Language Log (http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/001956.html#more) had a gander at the McSweeney's list ("Adjectives Rarely Used by Wine Tasters") and did some googling, and whaddya know, those adjectives really ARE used by wine tasters. Although Mark Liberman does allow as how "perhaps Adam knew about this all along, in which case I've fallen for the joke hard enough already."

Posted by: mike at Mar 7, 2005 8:11:59 PM

Like the guy that was driving to Texas or somewhere, listening only to one song by ABBA, I've playing "Gaucho" again & again in the last week whenever I get in the car. Strangely, I never heard any other record by Steely Dan. Now I'm going to buy all their CD's.

Posted by: Hanan at Mar 7, 2005 10:46:34 PM

Did you know that Walter Becker used to be with
Jay and the Americans?

Posted by: Steel Turman at Mar 8, 2005 2:10:02 AM

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