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February 02, 2005

Pop-Up Dreams

Spacing_outThe Latest news on “Tideland”, at “Dreams”, the Terry Gilliam Fanzine

The Pop-up Book of Nightmares by Gary Greenberg, and The Pop-up Book of Phobias

Dr. Hugo's Fuzzy Dreamz at “The Museum of The Mind”. (From “Screenhead”)

How to attain a lucid dream. The Skeptic's Dictionary about Sleep paralysis

IT dreams - Nightmares to which every geek can relate

Dreaming is for pansies. I've recently discovered that it's socially unacceptable for one man to tell another man that they had a dream about them. Apparently, it's like an unwritten rule

A dream about the dentist

.gif above from “dadsbigplan”. Many More Unusual Nightmares And Dreams Here

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Love that Dream of A Dentist! Freaky but interesting anyhow. And it is good to keep me sharp on both sides of reality related to my work. Thank's

Posted by: Dental Marketing at May 7, 2008 3:07:01 AM