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February 19, 2005

Life of Crime 101

StolenLockpicking 101: Forum for discussion on Combination, Electronic, and Safes lock picking techniques, tactics, security, more

“Boundary Functions”, One of The Published Works of Theodore Kaczynski

How a house burglar was caught when Duncan Grisby's webcam recorded him carrying out the raid. (From ”Waxy”)

Victim of a consumer Rip-off? Want justice? Rip-off Report™ is a worldwide consumer reporting Website & Publication, by consumers, for consumers, to file & document complaints about companies or individuals who ripoff consumers

Jail products: Sales to Correctional Facilities, Production Companies and the General Public, Inmate Uniforms, Prison Restraints, Jail Cells & Furnishings. Prison sucks: Research on the prison industrial complex

Prison 101 - What you need to know before you go to prison

The last meal of executed killer Dennis Bagwell: Beefsteak with A1 sauce, six pieces of fried chicken, barbecued ribs, two hamburgers, a pound of fried bacon, a dozen scrambled eggs, French fries, onion rings, salad with ranch dressing, peach cobbler, ice tea, milk and coffee

The confession tapes of Ted Bundy

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, from 1674 to 1834, containing accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court

Homeless children of Russia. (From ”In Defense Of The Innocent”)

Welcome to planet earth - where small crimes are un-punishable

(I took the picture above outside an office building in Riverside last week.) Many More Unusual Links about Crime and Punishment Here

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Good thing they put that sign up. Someone could have reached for a hand rail and ... noticed they were gone.

Posted by: Scott at Feb 19, 2005 1:15:15 PM