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February 13, 2005

San Francisco Dogs

Fairmont_hotel_1Postcards of Alameda

A kid named Bliss:
Walking downtown today with Heather. Suddenly there's this kid on my left.
"Hey, you like music?"
Great. Another sidewalk scam. I bet no one ever says no, I think.
"Oh, c'mon," says the kid. "What kinda music do you like?"...

The murals of Coit Tower

Dogblog! As I walk around San Francisco, I encounter dogs tied to things, take their pictures, and offer them up to the world with whatever commentary springs to mind

Coffee in the Park, by Marc Horowitz, (The same guy who did the Dinner with Marc Art-Dating project)

San Francisco is the central character in Paul Madonna’s contemplative new comic All Over Coffee. (Thank you, Joe)

Origins of the names of San Francisco neighborhoods and streets

Permanent Guests at the Fairmont Hotel, 1924. (From San Francisco Genealogy)

Best Dungeness Crab

The Oakland Oaks Photo Album

By the way, I’ve posted before about the flocks of escaped parrots of Telegraph Hill (and in Santa Ana). Now there is a movie about them

Many More Unusual Links About San Francisco and About Los Angeles Here

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Lots of great links lately. They are always great...


Please don't tell Hanan!

Posted by: Sebastian at Feb 13, 2005 3:03:20 AM