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February 19, 2005

Listening while driving

Car_radioRadio Celebrities now being issued by Wills's Cigarettes. Price One Penny. Set from 1934

Potato Radio. (From ”Jaf Project”)

Old-time radio commercials from Danny Goodwin

Red Star. Soviet Antique Radios. (From ”Information Junk”)

Rust Radio, Live Neil Young Internet Radio

NPR is becoming really boring: The most irritating voice on Los Angeles public radio

Have you wondered how everyone on National Public Radio sounds so smooth, and so amazingly articulate? The Dark Room Magic of NPR.

But I do like Rob Gifford’s China Coverage

Terry Gross on Privatization of Social Security: Dangerous Math, 2/17/05

Transom, channeling voices to public radio through the Internet, and Public Radio Exchange. (Both from Stuart Hughes)

Many More Unusual Radio Links Here

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