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January 21, 2005

Will you sail with this man into the horizon?

Skipper_sam_3My cousin, Sammy, is looking for an eligible woman to join him on his trip around the world. Sammy left his job as a software engineer in New York City, bought himself a beautiful boat, and decided to sail away from it all. After 12 months of adventures in the Caribbean, he is now on his way to Panama and the Pacific Ocean. His original plan was to sail for a couple of years, but now it seems that his trip may last much longer.

Sammy has it all together. He is really a good guy, and I feel that he had built for himself the kind of reality that most people only dream about. He now wants to find a female company that will join him on his trip.

If you have any interest in talking to him about it, please contact me at realhanan (at) yahoo (dot) com, and I will forward him your email address, for a follow-up.

(Please be aware that I will take no responsibility of anything that may transpire between Sammy and whoever may or may not join him, and for any or all future doings between the parties). Good luck to you.

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