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January 30, 2005

# 9

Abbey_road_1 Help! 2004 Version

Revolution #9 backwards. Remember when the "White Album" came out and we were worried that Paul might be dead? Remember ruining our needles playing songs backwards searching for hidden messages? Remember wondering what the entire song of "Revolution #9" would sound like backwards?

Which Beatles song is it? (By “Flobberlob” )

Rocky Raccoon, nicely performed by Phillip, Steel White Table’s brother

John Lennon and George Harrison's Official Website from the Afterlife

The Beatles Video/Audio Page (some rare)

Alan Aldridge’s Beatles Illustrations. Aldridge was best known for his Beatles Illustrated Lyrics. (From this MetaFilter thread)

Scans of Beatles' bootleg covers

The entire 1966 album 'Revolver', mashed by ccc available for download, February 2005

Steve Hoffman answers: What compressor did the Beatles use at Abbey Road Studios?

John & Yoko’s War is Over billboard blitz

Was all over the place last month: Meet the Beastles

Btw, Happy birthday, Dick

Many More Unusual Beatles Links and Unusual Zappa Links Here

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Well yes, 'Number 9' does sound a bit like 'turn me on dead man' when played backwards.

And in the same piece, if you reverse 'take this brother, may it serve you well' it comes out 'where we versed thee in perverts if-yes' or some hear 'where we immersed thee in perverts and beer,' which does conjure up a merry image.

But remember the low pitched moan at the end of Strawberry Fields Forever which goes "I buried Paul' or "cranberry sauce'? Nobody ever seems to have bothered to hear that one backwards. I did, and laughed my ass off.

Posted by: Tom Buckner at Jan 30, 2005 10:02:01 PM