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January 07, 2005

Rock ‘n’ roll ruckus

Zappa_lumpy In 1986, Zappa went on CNN and told censorship advocate Lofton of the ‘Washington Times’ and the former line-up of Crossfire to kiss his ass, and as usual, he was graceful, erudite and charming. You should listen to the whole 21 minutes

Zappa On Censorship

A new No-Flash Warning page for the old Zappa site

Review of We`re Only In It For the Money, from Hippy.com

The Bob Marshall interview, October 22, 1988

Ahmet Zappa’s discography

“I'm a Zappa fan for over 30 years. I collected a lot of stuff and I worked a lot with Zappa stuff. I stopped organizing Zappa convention days because the real fans became old and boring. They didn't know to party anymore, or neither help me and those fans sit on their precious Zappa stuff without doing anything with it. Maybe they play now and then an album on soft volume, but they don't kick asses anymore. The same goes on the net.”

- A message by “The Zappa Patio”. Also there, But Who Was Fulcanelli?

Many More Odd Zappa Moments Here and Unusual Dylan Links Here

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