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January 09, 2005

Don't eat cheap sushi

Sushi_wood Eat Sushi videos: Master Sushi Chef He-Day from California Beach Sushi in Newport Beach prepares house favorites step-by-step. (From a Metafilter thread that includes links of rawfish recipes from other cultures)

Home-made sushi, good sushi, bad sushi, ugly sushi... Send your sushi images to Sushi Moblog

Chocolate Sushi

Mr. Miyagi says: Man who catch fly with chopstick can accomplish anything.

Sushi Adhesive Bandages

UBS 2.0 Sushi

Handmade Sushi Pillows. Finally you may now purchase a giant sushi in the form of a soft and comfortable pillow! Our pillows are each hand made and come in a variety of styles some include - California Roll, Avocado Roll, and Salmon Roll, with more types on the way

Sushi eating How To

The best place for sushi in Kyiv : San Tori

Masa, the first Japanese restaurant to receive four stars from The New York Times

CrankyA German company has invented a pair of glasses that come apart to double as chopsticks

By the way, Please De-Lurk

Many More Unusual Sushi Links Here

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Ha ha! Nice banners!

Posted by: Sebastian at Jan 9, 2005 10:28:03 AM

As a matter of fact, it won't kill me to comment...

Some of the best sushi in the Detroit area is at Noble Fish.

Posted by: Anton at Jan 9, 2005 12:53:09 PM

I comment here in compliance with your apparant wishes. It seems to be standard to notify a website's curator with your viewing habits of his website, so I thought you might like to know that I visit here daily, if not more frequently, and I get pissed when I come back and there's not an update.

Posted by: Cosmo at Jan 9, 2005 12:54:24 PM

I visit on an average of three times a week, but seldom have anything worth saying.

Posted by: Harry at Jan 9, 2005 4:29:52 PM

You have one of the best sites that exists I
recommend to all I meet hereon and even to the
teller at bank the other day about it. But what
is one supposed to say in the face of your links?
'Nice link man?' or 'Great picture!' I come over
here twice a day every day. I enjoy being here.
feel THAT lonely why not a $2.00 per year sub-
scription? Then you could go buy a new Porche and

Posted by: Steel Turman at Jan 10, 2005 12:55:30 AM

BTW. Where can I buy one of those tables?


That's the kinda 'comments' you'll get.
So, do you want to be a broker in ether crap
or just the best eclectic site to be read?

Posted by: Steel Turman at Jan 10, 2005 1:00:17 AM

Hello from a lurker. Great site - I've linked you so you're sure to become famous among, er, a dozen.

Posted by: pam at Jan 10, 2005 9:40:05 AM

You want comments? I think it would make better sense to make a pair of choptsticks that converted into slick eyeglasses.

Posted by: Peter Waksman at Jan 10, 2005 1:14:19 PM

thank you for the informative site....I had a good time reading the articles.

Posted by: Jennifer at Jan 11, 2005 6:35:04 PM