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August 01, 2004

Vincent LaGuardia Gambini for president!

President_kerry Facial Hair and Presidential elections

David Crosby and Graham Nash, the campaign for a “Joint Presidency”

Bill Maher is my new hero. Last night, on his new Real Time show, after an extremely spirited discussion, both he & Michael Moore went down on their knees in front of Ralph Nader, and begged him to drop out of the race. It was very funny. If anybody discovers a transcript or video-feed of last night’s show, please send it to me or add it to the comments below.

WAPO's Richard Cohen on Kerry’s Acceptance Speech

Are most Democrats driven mostly by pro-Kerry or by anti-Bush sentiments? Should they pretend to be motivated by one or the other? And is the Election-section here on Grow-a-Brain becoming too one-sided? Fortunately, I do not have to pretend to be either one. The following is a tasteless collection of Anti-Bush “humor”: How does Colin Powell stand out from the rest of the administration? From Topple Bush .

Bush Saw Moore Film by Mistake

The Right Wing Squares non-Hollywood Show. (From Elayne Riggs )

George_w_bush_presidentBlatant Anti-Bush material at Liberal Cartoons

Old Fashioned Family Values from The Republican Press. Biased Editorial Cartoons by Steve Bradenton

Extreme distortions at Wizard of Whimsy. (If Kerry loses in November, all these guys will be found on the first bus to guantanamo...)

Drudge apologizes to Alexandra Polier for Kerry affair rumor

Bushes against Bush want their name back. Librarians Against Bush want their library cards back. Knitters Against Bush want their yarn back. Etc. I guess that there are many fringe Anti-Bush Groups.

Another Presidential Race Polls, this one from Real Clear Politics

A disturbing fake-trailer piece Jihad Now from Robert Adam Malin. Also, The Seven Deadly Sins by same artist

(By the way, here's a cut from Joe Pesci's new album, Vincent Laguardia Gambini - Beware, lots of Pesci/Cheney language going on!) Our growing Section of 2004 Election Links Here

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July 21, 2004

Banana Republicans

President_george_bush George W. Bush is arguably the most influential and controversial performance artist in the history of Western art . (From “Ashley B”). Similarly, Being Nothing - George W. Bush as Presidential Simulacrum. "Nobody likes to see dead people on their television screens"

Who Would Jesus Torture? The Religion of George W. Bush. And, The inner W. - Three new psychological portraits of GW. (Salon registration required)

Bush Birthday Haiku

W deck by Beetlecow

The Vice President as a young man

Ooops, Mr. Vice president has never been with Halliburton, as far as we know… and Negative Capability: The President of the United States is not (many things)…

2004 Election cookie cook-off

The First John Ashcroft Video Project, from “Nerve”

Funky weird remix from W and Bruner Blog, Dick Is a Killer

Clinton_face_1 “An old man approached the White House from the park across Pennsylvania Avenue…” The same story four years earlier

HNZ - Should you Buy this stock now ? Did you buy Halliburton in 1999?

Kerry: Beer Begins At Fermentation

Something is wrong with the campaign of Richard Pilager for governor of the great state of Colorado…

In a country where many voters identify with a particular political party, "swing voters" - those who do not have a strong party affiliation - often take center stage in an election year.

Bush to dump Cheney for Hillary (From none other than Marc Perkel)

The Sacramento Girlie Men welcome you back for another winning season…

Many More Unusual Links About The 2004 Presidential Election Here

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July 11, 2004

Finally, the choice now is between four white, rich guys -

kerry_edwards This land is your land! - a hilarious ditty from “Jibjab”, sure to become a web-classic within the next 48 hours or less!

The George Bush-Ken Lay Letters from “The Smoking Gun”

New Poll Finds Cheney "Extremely Ugly". (From “Goyk”)

Love is in the Air

Ignorance Is Strength and other profane T-shirts from The General’s Stores

Move over Stepford, here comes The Crawford Wives. (From NARAL)

Their George and Ours. A 4th of July article by Barbara Ehrenreich: “All we have to do is vote”

Bush's Baseball Ambassadors. Doling out diplomatic posts is a time-honored way for presidents to repay political patrons. But by awarding ambassadorships to 19 Pioneers—supporters who raised at least $100,000 for his 2000 campaign—George W. Bush, a former co-owner of the Texas Rangers, has been in a league of his own. His choices include five big-league execs. Here, the baseball bunch

Gesundheit 9/11 by Tony Pierce: it takes a lot to make me cry.
When the Cubs broke my heart last Octobe, i cried for about 30 seconds.
When i broke up with my true love, i cried for about 5 seconds.
But on Sunday morning, in a sold-out cinema in century city, i cried probably 6-7 times during one of the most powerful films i've ever seen...

It’s time for the people to show their cards

Are you ready for Election 2004? Much More There

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July 03, 2004

“Be afraid. Be very afraid. Thank you”

Bad_apples "They had a profile of John Kerry on the news and they said his first wife was worth around $300 million and his second wife, his current wife, is worth around $700 million. So when John Kerry says he's going after the wealthy in this country, he's not just talking. He's doing it!" More late-night-style John Kerry Jokes here

Republican Ketchup asks: “You don’t support Democrats. Why should your ketchup?” (From Tom McMahon)

Who was the worst president ever? You’ll be surprised. (I have the feeling that Google-bombing is about to jump the shark …). Also, Nick Nolte for President?!

“Perpetual War”, The “Ministry of Truth”, “Infallible Leader” – Can a sitting president be charged with plagiarism?

The “We are in a war” defense , from “Indecision 2004”

“Peace is for pussies” and other 29 Top Reasons to Vote Bush-Cheney in 2004

Our Large Resource Center about the Election Here

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June 27, 2004

"When books are banned, only outlaws will have books"

Banned_books_1 A fully-working paper automata including a moving Oil Well and a saying goodbye Cowboy Bush and "I Love Rumsfeld" Mug. (Both from Tom McMahon)

The Rasmussen Reports Presidential Tracking Poll of the race for the White House

The Stop Bush Project documents anti-Bush sentiment from around the world

Bill Clinton’s “My life”, the Random House site. 957 pages too many? Here’s the Clinton PowerPoint version

Poker with Dick

Bush and Kerry decided to resolve their differences with a "Creepiest Laughter" contest!

"An election is nothing more than an advance auction of stolen goods." Said Ambrose Bierce, so the League of Non-Voters invite you to participate in their Black Ribbon Campaign against voting. See also the large Non-Voting Archive

On the other hand, here's the Michael Moore Pledge of Democratic Allegiance

Resourceful Americans Create New Ways to Honor Dead Republicans

Angry_gore_1 Top-secret conversations from “Dang Funny Politics”

The following headlines are not “Onion” posts. They are the features at the top of the GWB Official Campaign Blog:
“Kerry Struggles Not to Be Pessimistic." * "Poll: Bush Has the Highest Number of Positive Supporters in Recent History, Kerry the Lowest." * "Mrs. Bush's Oatmeal-Chocolate Chunk Cookies.”
(Is it scary or ironic?)

My pet goat ate Bush's 9-11 story. (And, Raising Meat Goat for fun & profit)

(Photo of Robot-Gore from “Honzo”.) More Odd News about Election 2004 Here

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June 26, 2004

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11

American_flag_waving I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 last night, but in North Orange County, with its hundreds of movie theaters, it was shown on only three screens, and was sold out. (Shame on them theater owners). So I had to come back today for the matinee. I found the movie scary & extremely sad, and I think that every American should see it before the November election, in order to form their opinions accordingly.

Here are some reviews of the movie: Rotten Tomatoes gives it a “84% freshness” level. Slate’s David Edelstein says it describes it as "part prosecutorial brief and part rabid editorial cartoon: a blend of insight, outrage, and sniggering innuendo, the whole package threaded with cheap shots". Christopher Hitchens calls it dishonest and demagogic, and the NY-Times’ David Brooks compares Moore, unflatteringly, to Sartre. CNN claims that Fahrenheit 9/11 captures the zeitgeist

On IMDb, 3159 users have rated the movie during the first day with an average rating of 6.8. 62% gave it a 10, 29% gave it a 1. (By the way, see also the IMDb’s Top 250 movies as voted by their users)

John Ashcroft sings Let the eagle soar

Box Office Domestic Totals for the film

Warning: This Movie Contains Opinions

The rest of our links about the presidential November election here

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June 19, 2004

JFK VS. Gorge Bouche

The real battle in 2004: The Presidential daughters

Bush, Kerry & Nader are the only Candidates for President? Not really. There are dozens more. Including Gay Penguin

Big_mistake_1 Read & interpret Bush's briefing notes from yesterday's cabinet meeting

George Bush has made a thousand mistakes. They began his first day in office, and they have continued, nonstop, until today. We expect more tomorrow

Bush Balckjack

Finalists have been named in the Designs on the White House T-shirt design contest

Bruce Springsteen vs. George Bush. Would you like to see Bruce Springsteen play at Giants Stadium -- and on TV -- the night George Bush is nominated? There's a petition to make that happen

More Election 2004 Secrets Links Here

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May 29, 2004

“Looking into the abyss”

Running_mate Diebold Posters: "It's not the votes that count, it's who counts the votes." (From “Angry Finger”)

“Welcome to the future official site of the George W. Bush Presidential Library. I'm Karl Rove, "the brains behind the Bush" and curator of the library.”

From McSweeney’s, “Pros And Cons Of John Kerry's Top Twenty Vice-Presidential Candidates”:
12. Bob Menendez, Representative, New Jersey –
Pro: Could solidify shaky support in New Jersey, lure Latino voters
Con: Along with brother Lyle, murdered parents

Text & video of Al Gore's May 26 Speech on Iraq at the MoveOn.com New York Meeting

History lesson: GOP must stop Bush By Carl Bernstein. Originally at “USA Today”

The nonpartisan national Campaign to Impeach Bush Cheney, Ashcroft and Rumsfeld Campaign and Operation American Liberation, November 2, 2004

Welcome to George Bush's Amazon Wish List. Apparently, Bush is a bad Christian, so here's why Christians Should Not Vote for Bush

Kerry historically is considered a "good closer". He better be, or we all end up in jail next year... More Biased Clips about the 2004 Election Here

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May 28, 2004

Hail to the Chaplin

hot_link_button "My fellow citizens. At this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operation to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from great danger."
(Thank you, M.M. Commie, found at “Coolio”)

Other Smoking Guns about the 2004 Election Here

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May 23, 2004

Projected electoral votes 327-211

Bush_strategery The next president will surely be a member of the Order of Skull and Bones

"My opinion of John Kerry has gone way up recently, but I suspect that's because I have not seen, heard, or read anything by or about him in weeks. Honestly, he ought to just change his campaign slogan to "John Kerry: The Less You See Him, The More You Like Him!" I guess his big plan is keep a low profile while the Bush Administration's chickens come a'roostin' at the White House."

John Kerry Denies Incest, Slave Labor and Serial Murder Charges. (From “Chapel Perilous” )

Finally, a Democratic Senator with Balls, calling a spade a spade

The curse of the wartime president and, Historians vs. George W. Bush : President George W. Bush still enjoys the support of nearly half of the American people. He does not, however, fare well among professional historians. A recent informal, unscientific survey of historians found that eight in ten historians responding rate the current presidency an overall failure

Welcome to Bush Is Lord. Our purpose is to document our claim that George W. Bush is indeed not only our nation's leader, but our spiritual lighthouse and embodied salvation. Yes, To be a Republican in 2004 you have to believe that Jesus loves you, and shares your hatred of homosexuals and Hillary Clinton

The Most Important Thing I Learned in School This Year is You Can't Mock the President or Say "Balls". (From “Pundit Man, Cutting through fog, exposing lies, and unravelling mumbo jumbo”)

Memorial to the Bush/Cheney Sloganator. (Turn up your speakers)

Many more Fair & Balanced Links about the Election Here

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May 15, 2004

Election Cycles

Pie_in_face_1 Bush Dumps Cheney for Giuliani! by Matt Miller

A blog of an Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush

The Misunderestimated Man - How Bush chose stupidity as public character, By Slate’s Jacob Weisberg: The question I am most frequently asked is, "Do you really think the president of the United States is dumb?"
The short answer is yes.
The long answer is yes and no... A sample Goofball billboard on a rooftop in NYC

Teatro dei Bugiardi, or as we say in English - Theater of the Liars by artist Mars Tokyo. (From Joshua Bryce Newman)

The New York Time reviews a selection of books about The Bush White House . And, Reading With the Enemy : Like the guy that went on a 30-days McDonald diet, Oliver Griswold tested his die-hard liberal beliefs and went on an all-conservative-media diet for one month. Life on the Right side of the dial doesn’t turn out the way he expected.

Howard Dean supports George Bush but many Bush donated to Howard Dean campaign. (From Brian Storms)

As the association of polling organizations, The National Council on Public Polls (NCPP) monitors trends in polling. You can look for polling results at The Gallup Polls , Polling Reports , Zogby , and 40 other organizations there.

A Kerry Landslide? Why the next election won't be close

Global Buzzword Search-And-Delete: Karl Rove at the Keyboard

John O’Neill was on John Kerry's boat in Vietnam. He writes in the WSJ why Kerry doesn't deserve to be commander in chief . But who is John O’Neill?

More unbiased Information about the November Election Here

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May 03, 2004

"Presidentin' is Hard..."

Presidenting_is_hard_1Outtakes from State of the Union MP3 and Bush's problem with, uh, public speaking

"Have you made mistakes?"
"I can't recall any now."
"Let me remind you."
The Anti-Bush Haiku Project. (From “Rox Populi” )

“I’d vote for a hamster ” T-shirt. (From “Particles”), and Anyone But Bush Classic Thong

The Teenager in Chief is rubbing or slapping the head of a bald man, Benny Hill style. (From “Cynical-C” )

Instructions to start the day rightly:
1. Open a new file in your PC
2. Name it "George W. Bush"
3. Send it to the trash
4. Empty the trash
5. Your PC will ask you: "Do you really want to get rid of George W. Bush?"
6. Answer calmly "Yes" pressing firmly on the mouse's button

The Politics of Sex, by radio personality, pit bull with lipstick, former Miss Missouri, “personal ad goddess” and “relationship consultant” Taylor Marsh

More about the November Election Here

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April 26, 2004

November 2004 is Here

Cheney_duckWith all discussions about the medals, here’s a simple comparison of two documents about Volunteering for Vietnam

Photos of some of the properties owned by John Kerry. As a real estate man, I approve… And a panoramic shot of Kerry's House in Boston, Mass. Also, a little history of the “home on the ranch" in Crawford, Texas (Warning - very strong DNC slant!). However, not everybody feel that way: Bob Model of Cody, WY, for example, the president of the local Boone and Crockett Club, was much impressed by Bush, a “rancher who loves and cares of his land”

How much will it cost to and is it worth stealing an election?

Who will Kerry pick for a VP? Play the Slate’s Veep-O-Matic 2004

And how about a nice cup of STFU with Roy Moore for President ? "Since George W. Bush has betrayed the Republican Party's Christian base, with half-hearted, insincere devotion to God in his public policies, Roy Moore is the man to bring faith back to America!"

Very popular today: John Kerry Is A Douche Bag But I’ m Voting For Him Anyway “dot com”, just about sums it up

Finally, Bush Admits Mistakes, Apologizes

Bush Vs. Kerry Online Forum

More about the 2004 Presidential Election Here

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April 07, 2004

George_w_nixon I bet you'll vote this time, hippy

The American Presidency, Grolier’s 2004 Election News

Bush's Religious Language, by Juan Stam

Let's play ... October surprise - How will the Bush administration secure its reelection in 2004?

Making the rounds: We are sorry (in French) - The photo is the attached tag with the washing instructions in both English and French.

hot_link_button.gifI remember that night on November 4th, 2000, watching the prophetic opening skit of Saturday Night Live A Glimpse Of Our Possible Future and saying: "Either way, we will, unfortunately, live to see it happen." Now we do. How come nobody brings up this piece for a reality check?

…“Okay, America, we got a lot of problems. I ain't gonna lie to you. But with the help of Vice-President Dick Cheney..
Voice of Advisor: You killed him in a hunting accident!
George W. Bush: Okay, fine! Not a problem. 'Cause I've been working hard, I got a plan that's gonna solve all of it - from the deficit, to foreign relations, to that hole in the sun. Two words, America: Ostrich Meat….”

Jeb Bush for President in 2008? Local authors are publishing an inside look at America's first family (From Elayne Riggs)

Republican efforts to Stop Hillary from becoming Kerry’s VP

Creepier than Nixon - The man who brought down Richard Nixon says Bush and "co-president" Cheney are an even greater threat to the country.

A month ago, I mentioned John Kerry’s 1961 rock band, “The Electras”. Here’s a whole website dedicated to the rock n roll presidential candidate, “Kerry Rocks”

More links about the 2004 election Here

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March 22, 2004

The 2004 election is heating up. Here comes “The American Candidate- The Game Show", which will probably gather more interest among Americans than the actual election

Scott Elliott’s “Election Projection” tallied the projected electoral votes, and was slated to become a central source of information for the coming election. Last week, both his parents were killed at the hotel bombing in Baghdad. Apparently, they were missionaries there. The future of the site is now uncertain.

"Send a Rove-O-Gram", from “I Love Karl Rove”. On the other side of the isle, there's Kerry’s Bob Shrum. 2 years ago, Slate’s Joe Klein wrote “The Trouble With Shrum. Why the Democrats' top strategist can't elect a president” . Where are we now?

kerry_gomer.gif Photo of John Kerry as Gomer Pyle is found at Ellen’s Nest

Three Key demographics:

Beatles Fans are going to endorse John Kerry

The “Foreign Leaders for John Kerry” website encourages supporters to send foam sandals through the US mail…

And a "babe is someone who has internal as well as external beauty, which defies age and gender. A Babes for Bush is one who shares President George W. Bush's values of God, family and country, living a life with high character and integrity"... Than there are the Babes that are against Bush , who just want to bring back Bill Clinton…

“Deodorant Blocks” - Urinal Cake Supplier Gears Up for Spirited Presidential Election

With the questions that are now being raised about the new Diebold Voting machines, it’s prudent to remember the 2000 Florida Election Touch Screen Voting System . (From “Johnny Burrito’s Ugly Money Site”)

Voter_guide_1Making the rounds: FundRace 2004 Neighbor Search - Who gives how much to whom

Useful Voter Guide: "Are You A Democrat Or A Republican?" A Shooter game-based voting guide. According to “Hit or Miss”, where I found it, he's a left-wing communist

“Heartbeat of America" – The Second Bush/Cheney Television Advertisement of the General Campaign. Ad Script: Final…

See More Eclectic Stuff about the 2004 Election Here

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