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December 15, 2004

“Your shaving brush Has had its day, So why not Shave the modern way”

Burma_shavePainted roadside advertisements from France and Belgium

A guy Who drives A car wide open Is not thinkin' He's just hopin' - Burma-Shave

Surviving on the Playstation is a moment to be savored

Who is this handsome character? Is he some cultural icon from the 70's? Is he the USA ambassador in Uruguay? Is he my uncle? No, this is Dick. He's the genius behind all of those brilliant Miller Lite ads. (Sorry, Geocities site)

Homophil. (From “Commercial Closet” LGBT advertising)

Ask your doctor about Asstoids

Mario Brothers anti-dandruff baby shampoo

Ad awards

In response to AOL's insufferable new ad campaign, NetZero has put out exact, shot-for-shot parodies of AOL's commercials

A Large Collection of Unusual Ads Here

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You asked awhile back why you don't get comments, and ever since, I've read growabrain with that in mind. (I'm here at least once a day).
Oh, gawd, the sheer variety of links, the multitude I've clicked, the strangeness of your brain....there's nothing to add except maybe 'Thank you' and "keep it up!'

Posted by: Birdie at Dec 16, 2004 7:23:30 PM