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November 30, 2004

Holy Molly! We’re Taste Testing Grilled Mary Sandwiches

Pasta The most useful link you’ll ever find on Grow-a-Brain: Pizza Hut simple Online ordering site

“You're looking at all the public photos on Flickr tagged with pasta

Black Table’s Fine dining for coarse folk - A yokel’s guide to Jean Georges

Jacques Pépin, Fast food my way. A nice flash site. (From “Fish Bucket”)

How well do you know your cheeses?

Medieval Gastronomy

Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetic Stew: Explorations in Dymaxion Dining

Last year I linked to the very tasty samples from The International Edible Book Festival Gallery. Here’s many more: 4th International Show and Tea Edible Books. The New York 2003 Festival. 2004 Booklavahs. More Books to eat. Japan's Edible books collection from Masaaki Tatsumi

The Combat Cutlery Gallery, a celebration of lethal flatware

The Worst TV Dinner Ever, and Archie McPhee’s TV Dinner Beverage Napkins. (Also there, Acupuncture Head Model)

McSweeney’s Reviews of New Food

The First Jewish-American Cookbook, by Mrs. Esther Levy, 1871

A Large Collection of Unusual Meals Here

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