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November 13, 2004

A Hit will be born

11_hot_link_button_2April 8, 2005 update: Welcome digg surfers!

Here is an amazing on-line adventure with some unexpected insight on the universe that surrounds you.

First, a clarification. In order to begin this journey, that will take just a few minutes, you have to play by the rules.

The rules, by the way, are very simple, and all you need is just a little self discipline. There is no big brother watching over you. You will be your own judge.

That's it. Ready?

Clicking on the link below will take you (assuming Java is installed on your machine and is active in your browser) to a page with a small video screen with a green arrow at the bottom. Clicking on the green arrow will launch the movie.

In the short movie you will see a small group of boys and girls wearing black or white shirts that are playing with two balls.

Your goal is to count how many times the ball is passed by those wearing white shirts. It’s that simple.

Remember, count just the passes of the ball by those wearing white.

(Do not run the movie more than once! - remember, self discipline)

Are you ready? Let's go!

Once the movie is over, write down the number of passes you have counted, and continue by moving to step two. (No Cheating!)

If you survived this experiment, you can watch other projects from Daniel J. Simons and his experiments in Visual Cognition & Human Performance there.

(If I ever was the first to launch a fast-moving link, here it is… Today this website has zero results on Technorati; Tomorrow, it will be a Yahoo pick of the week!, and then, on Monday, it will be down, blown by too many visitors... Does it always have to be that way?) Originally, from an Israeli blog by Journalist Ami Ben Basat. Please use the permalink below to circulate this story.

Today’s “Blog Of The Day” is ”Waiter Rant” - "Do you want pomme frites with that?" If you wish to have your blog considered as “Blog Of The Day”, or if you know of a blog that should get same recognition, please email me at realhanan (at) yahoo (dot) com, or post a comment at the bottom of this post.

Thank you Eitan C! 1000's of Other Unusual Topics On "Grow-a-Brain" Here

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Posted by: Dennis Bell at Nov 13, 2004 3:26:05 PM

Another interesting experimewnt there -

Posted by: Conchita at Nov 13, 2004 5:41:48 PM

I passed the test and the author of the page with the solution said he doesn't believe those who .... figured it out.... WTF? It wasn't that hard? I found it very obvious...

...(this comment was was cencored to protect the innocent)....

Posted by: Jerome at Nov 14, 2004 3:30:59 AM

Agreed. There wasn't enough conflicting activity to really confuse the eye, nor were the white shirts moving fast enough to make it difficult. Lastly, the balls are slightly different colors, making tracking all the easier.

....The rest of the comment was deleted to protect the innocent....

Posted by: .alphamonkey. at Nov 14, 2004 10:11:09 AM

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Posted by: Hanan at Nov 15, 2004 8:33:19 AM

I just wanted to let you know that I really did see the gorilla the first time I watched the video. It actually caused me to lose count of the number of times the players in white were tossing the ball. Admittedly I didn't notice the gorilla until he was standing in the middle of the group, so I appreciate how difficult it was to notice him at all. I did not bother watching the video a second time.

Posted by: Gixxernaut at Nov 16, 2004 6:49:24 AM

I had no problem seeing the gorilla, and in the end my efforts were rewarded with "i don't believe you".

My participation was rewarded with a dissapointed, empty feeling. Thanks.

Posted by: bob at Nov 17, 2004 10:06:22 AM

It was kind of obvious that a gorilla passed by and then you end with "i dont really beleive you" which is kind of stupid. So I really didnt like this at all seeing as it was pointless and obvious.

Posted by: Trixi at Dec 10, 2004 6:32:25 PM

I've shown this site to a number of people. I purchased the DVD with this same clip on it to show to people.
In my experience of having shown this clip to a bunch of folks, the people that see the gorilla don't count the passes correctly (about 20%). The people that get close on the count (about 80%) don't see or correctly identify the gorilla.

Posted by: Geoffrey Greene at Mar 23, 2005 9:20:02 AM

Okay, I did it and it's just sitting there doing nothing. Is something supposed to happen at the end of the video?

Posted by: marc at Apr 7, 2005 7:12:14 PM

I saw the gorilla, and counted 15 throws...
I saw the gorilla, and i was like" wait, why is there a gorilla in the middle of this, but i didn't lose count, then the author makes fun of me by saying he doesn't believe me... wow, thats smart, no digg point for you!

Posted by: Calvin at Apr 7, 2005 8:11:36 PM

15 passes (there are 2 that one would only see 1, really small pass) and saw the gorilla, not hard at all, but nice point of view

Posted by: keoshi at Apr 8, 2005 4:29:41 AM

See the demo tape from VCL!http://viscog.beckman.uiuc.edu/grafs/demos/20.html

Posted by: Hanan at Apr 9, 2005 9:46:31 PM

i saw the gorilla and counted 12 passes which may be wrong, but thats not the point of the experiment. In fact its almost ironic how many people are mad that they saw the gorilla and are not belived.
It could be interpreted several ways heres one, the media is passing the ball around the gorrilla is corruption and we the viewers complain about shit that doesnt matter.

Posted by: illwill at Apr 22, 2006 12:30:37 AM

can anybody give another (not java) link to the movie (i need it in school and they don't have internet there)


Posted by: vinc at Nov 8, 2006 11:50:45 AM

I wonder how many people who are talking about people not moving fast enough, and those with the different colored balls noticed


Posted by: Kim Hooper at May 28, 2007 2:52:27 PM

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Posted by: Kalebarkab at Jun 9, 2009 9:19:09 PM

How do I purchase the dvd?

Posted by: Sonda at Jul 20, 2009 1:17:13 PM