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November 11, 2004

Today’s Exploding Whales Incident

 Surfer_dog I’m lying on the snow, emperor penguins all around… (From ”Kingdom of Love”)

From “Wikipedia”: There have been two real-life documented, notable incidents of exploding whales

Humane Trophies. Specializing in stuffed animal rugs and wall decor, faux fur rugs, children's chairs, fake bear skin rugs, and other stuffed animal for non-hunters

Animals and their eatables. (From ”Flobberlob”)

Flying Frisbee Puppy - This is our 9 month old English Springer Spaniel, Abby. After returning the frisbee to me, she gets ready a short distance in front of me and attempts to intercept the frisbee as soon as I throw it! She basically leaps straight up and goes for the frisbee, no matter what contortions are needed

Random frogs

The following are photos of a set of 1931 Racing Pigeon Cards issued by the Ogden's Branch of the Imperial Tobacco Company of Great Britain and Ireland. (From ”Ramage”)

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Our Large Collection of Unusual Animals Here

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