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October 26, 2004

That Desmond Tutu looks BAD in purple


Dress Codes for the Twenty First Century by Ruth L. Kern, International Etiquette Consultant

How to make Wooden shoes from “The homepage of Martien van Gasteren, wooden shoe maker by profession”

Ode to the Breast Pocket, by Dan Cederholm: “I am here today, in the year 2004, to salute the single most groundbreaking development in garment history — the breast pocket”

Learn How to make a toga and throw toga parties

Charlie's Sneaker Pages: So many sneakers... so few feet...

The History of the Fashionable Bathing Suit

“Are you putting us on?” Kenneth Cole 2004 Ads

Shock Absorber Anna Kournikova Impact Level 3 Multiway sports bra, from Amazon

The Bling Bling medallion, for the fashionista gangsta who wants to have all of his or her bases covered

Baby models for the “T-Shirt Hell” brand: Get your baby an early raunchy start (Warning: Vice presidential language and attitude on most T-shirts!)

Jens, the fashion online magazine for LDS (MORMON) teens and young adults

Many More Unusual Fashion Trends Here

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Whether it has a big monogrammed logo (Chanel), identifiable characteristics (Fendi ‘s buckle and mesh), or bold prints, NYC ladies are outfitted with substantial pieces—sometimes even two bags at a time...

Posted by: Designer Handbag at Feb 15, 2009 2:32:05 PM

i love it. its so colorfull .but i think the person modeling it should have had a bigger hair dew !

Posted by: jess at Apr 25, 2010 1:58:42 PM