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October 12, 2004

Presidential debate 3

Edward_cheney_1Getting used to the notion of a Bush second term: He's So Bad, He Might Be Perfect. Under an odd logic, Bush deserves another term. By Jonathan Chait

White out bumper sticker from Defective Yeti

It’s hard work, but it’s necessary work! As of October 3, 2003, Bush had spent 250 days on vacation

Bill Maher’s New Rules: Presidential candidates must have news conferences and cut out the appearances on daytime television. Hey, there's a reason they don't call it "Hardball with Kelly Ripa"! I need to know our exit strategy from Iraq, not Dick Cheney's recipe for couscous…

Historic presidential debates on C-SPAN

Bushwhacked: Engaging in an insightful, thoughtful debate is the best way to express your political views. 1 minute, 8 seconds

The Rude Pundit on What Edwards Should have Said during the VP debate. (Warning: Rudeness!)

If I am elected President… There will not only be yards of beer, there will be yards of coffee…

What a kidder Exactly what is Karl Rove flashing behind Condoleeza Rice at Andrews Air Force Base?

Ignorance isn't strength. Quoting Paul Krugman again

Only 21 days to test the Diebald voting machines! (Thank you, Gayle)

Electoral College Graph

Operation Bubbe is an effort to recruit 100 Jews from safe states to travel to South Florida for election day and the preceding weekend to help Jewish retirees to the polls

Roll Call - Who are novelists voting for this election?

Pick your president: Compare how each candidate stands on the issues

Happy Birthday, Ralph Nader . . and Steve Monaco! Good luck to both of you.

Gif animation above from Bartcop. More Fair and Balanced Election News Here

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