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September 27, 2004

Surrealist and other beautiful games

homer Surrealist games

Bald headed action figure (From Skydive Stunts)

The Top Ten Asian Pacific American Toys

Sports Classics Parody - If These Thumbs Could Talk ...

Reverse - The movement of your cursor has been reversed. (From "Ritilan")

Learn to Juggle . Shoot the clay kitten

What is a SpudZooka? Your own Pneumatic Potato Cannon capable of launching a potato several hundred yards

Scrabble Helper

Bob Armstrong's Old Jigsaw Puzzles

Paper Former Universe

I am on vacation and will be away for a few weeks. This post has been pre-blogged for your enjoyment. Any complains will have to wait until my return. Our Extensive Collection of Games and Toys Here

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Another Scrabble Helper: http://www.wineverygame.com/

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