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September 30, 2004

Your Highness

Cheech Keep off the Grass (But it’s ok to smoke & drink): Tom gets in trouble when his mother finds a joint in his room. Instead of punishing Tom, his father challenges him to learn more about marijuana’s evil effects on society. Nobody gets killed in this Sid Davis film, yet Tom still learns a harsh lesson after being mugged by druggies and learning that his best friend sells pot to school children

Welcome to Hollywood! Lazyboy’s new video, Underwear goes on the inside of your pants. (From “Gomi No Sensei”)

Stoner Excited About Marijuana-Induced Breast Growth. More Marijuana News: Students recruited to harvest pot

Marijuana in Iraq, freeing the Moslems from the evil of Hashish

Flavored Zig Zags, from Absinthe and Bacon to blueberries & watermelon

How to Build A Can Pipe

Unisex hemp shoes & sandals for a fragile planet. "Hemp shoes are pure!"

Marijuana Seeds, the highest quality marijuana seeds in the world

I am on vacation and will be away for a few weeks. This post has been pre-blogged for your enjoyment. Any complains will have to wait until my return. More about any kind of illegal drugs especially Acid and Pot Here

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Yo I love flavored rollies dude! They're the SHIZZZZ I found them at www.zensmoke.com last year and have been hooked ever since

Posted by: TomB at Oct 23, 2004 8:47:54 AM

the best is glass thats the way to go papers are great too though

Posted by: robby west at Mar 16, 2006 11:48:47 PM