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August 07, 2004

Height of Fashion

fashionable “I've done this Cross-stitched Freddie Mercury and here is the result. But i don't really know what to do with it though.”

Duct-tape messenger bag

Recycled Shoes: Now, thanks to British cobblers New & Lingwood, you can own shoes cut from 200-year-old reindeer hide salvaged from a shipwrecked Danish brigantine. They run about $1200, but you'll certainly have the most interesting shoes out of anyone you may happen to know

Costume Footwear from Champion Attitude Cowboy Boots

1900s bathing suits. (From “Retro-Lounge”)

Head gear: Knitted Devil Hats by Kathy Bateman. (See the rest of the artful collection there.) Also, Pencil Hats by milliner Cozmo Jenks. Beanie Crab Hat

Naked Aprons to the Naked Chef in your life

Men, women, seventies, eighties, they are all in The Feathered Back Hair Site

Natalie Portman promoting John Kerry Fashion Tees from “Politipunk”

Creative nail design for women with long nails. (From “Bacon and Eh's”)

More of the Latest Fashions Here

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Long nails very cool!
It's my nails:

Posted by: Risa at Nov 7, 2005 11:35:51 PM