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August 18, 2004

WARNING: Many of the following photos contain disturbing images

swastika Massacres and atrocities of World War 2

Photos of concentration camp orchestras. A photo essay by Philip Greenspun, Dachau Concentration Camp. The Walk to the Gas Chamber. (From Photographs of Concentration Camps). Tour of Majdanek Death Camp.

Until the Last Jew, the Nazis’s uncompromising efforts to murder every Jew in Europe

"In the fall of 1998 I set out to do more research for my book: I spent 155 Hours on Trains, making over 80 Connections through 6 Countries, visiting 39 Concentration Camps and WWII Sites in 25 Days"

Eva Braun Coffee Mug at German WW2 Mugs. Gifts from Museum of Tolerance online store Shop

The official website of the Viktor Frankl Institute. Viktor Frankl was the author of “Man's Search for Meaning” and the founder of existential Logotherapy

More Unusual Links about the Holocaust Here

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And for a dollar, you can have your Nazi flag mug personalized! Huh? Who would want that?!?!

Posted by: Tom McMahon at Aug 19, 2004 6:24:13 AM