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August 27, 2004

Top 10 Jokes

Bush_ferrell Look for guidance in the good book: Open your Bible, and put your finger down on a random page

TOP 10 McGreevey jokes from Mookie

The State of the George W. Bush Joke. Example: Another “funny” pastiche of the State of the Union Address

Dive into your favorite joke

Cajun Jokes: You Might be Cajun If You gave up Tabasco for Lent

Many More Odd Jokes and other Funny Stuff Here

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Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies

hubbard How not to buy happiness (pdf)

How to Ship a Brain

The Secrets of Scientology - "The Church of Scientology is a rich and vengeful religious cult, or as one critic puts it, "a cross between the Moonies and the Mafia." But it would be a mistake to dismiss its underlying technology as harmless or ineffective. Scientologists know a great deal about thought control, social control, rhetorical judo and high pressure sales…" Oh oh, now I’ll be sued…

Likewise: The Skeptic’s Directory tells about the background of Landmark Education

Nietzsche Aphorism Page: One begins to mistrust very clever people when they become embarrassed. Here are some of Nietzsche's music compositions and Nietzsche's photographs

Quote above by Nietzsche. Photo of the famous Hubbard Pumpkin above from “Anti-sects”. Many More Intelligent Links and Brainier Links Here

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August 26, 2004

Giant California Garage Sale

california_map Magnificent obsession - Photos of California Telephone Books!

How one brave man built his own State of California Costume

Hydrants of the Mojave Desert

The Gum Wall of San Luis Obispo

West Coast lighthouses

The father of blogger Denise Howell runs Little River Inn, a family-owned destination hotel and resort on the Mendocino coast. The way she always writes about it, makes me want to go & visit

Yosemite wallpapers

Many More Unusual Stories From California, from Hawaii and from Iowa Here

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Special Joker, Ace of Spades

drinking_bird You think you are a Master Tetris player? Think again

One of the largest collections of Happy Drinking Birds in captivity. (From Boynton)

Find the differences: How does the second panel differ from the first? (Scroll down for answers. Another Bovine Inversus Production)

A collection of Cute Things

Disinfect the Core

Non-standard Jokers: The extra "Joker" card is believed to have been invented by American Euchre players who, when modifying the rules sometime during the 1860s, decided that an extra trump card was required. Originally he was called "The Best Bower" and then later "The Jolly Joker"

1950's Children's Wall Decorations. From “Vintage Toys”

Mr. Dope Man - a great way to increase your knowledge of botany while growing your own stash

Magnet and Levitation Catalog

Our Large Collection of Games & Toys Here

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May you stay forever young

dylan_ticket The Bob Dylan Ticket Stub Archive! (Thank you Mark. Also there: The Van Morrison Ticket Stubs )

Dylan lyrics or poorly-translated English on Japanese food packages?

Jokerman visuals list

Big-Screen Bob

A list of Bob Dylan mentions in non-Bob-Dylan songs. (From “J-Walk”)

Look into this face - who do you see?

The "Blonde On Blonde" Missing Pictures and Duets with Bob. (These and much more from The Directory of Bob Dylan’s Unreleased Songs )

When Dylan was king. About the May 1969 taping of 'The Johnny Cash Show' at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville

Why Baltimore House Music Is The New Dylan. By Scott Seward

'Dylan’s Chronicles: Volume One’ to be published October 12

Many Unusual Bob Dylan Links Here

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August 25, 2004

"I just accidentally shot Marvin in the throat"

trantinoCrew Trunk shots at Tarantino films

Trailer for the new Jet Li’s “Hero”

Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard

Selling out: The Vega Brothers spinoff - sounds stupid already

“Is it heresy to prefer True Romance to everything else Quentin Tarantino has had a hand in? I certainly find it the most repeat-viewable”

Pulp Fiction Movie Cells for sale

Tarantino’s Blog - Is it real or is it a hoax? Either way, it’s pretty lame

Illustration above by Tomer Thanuka. Everything you need to know about Big Kahuna Burgers Here

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"I believe you have my stapler"

Light_switch Top 100 law firms in terms of billing, with highest slot at $1.3B gross revenue. But how much do lawyers earn? Median Base Salaries by Associate Year and Firm Size

How to be Creative

Tricks of the Trade: For every occupation, there is a catalog of secrets only its employees are aware of. For example, for Cardboard Box Flattener - When hitting the sealed bottom of a cardboard box to flatten it, do not punch it with your knuckles like you’re boxing—that will start to hurt real quick. Instead, strike it with the bottom of your fist, as if your hand were a gavel…

Programming is Hell

I believe you have my stapler. I mean, my red Swingline stapler

Outsource your own job to earn more!

How to write a masterpiece of a resume

Sky Walkers

The Abolition Of Work

Death Stalks The Office

Other Strange Links about Your Job Here

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August 24, 2004

Classic Americans

Elliott Landy's classic photos of Woodstock '69.

American Sign Museum opens its doors to the public!

hamilton Gallery of Peers: Alexander Hamilton’s family, friends, colleagues & rivals

A Perfect First Lady. (From Newsday’s GOP Convention Special. Note The Pieman in the middle of page!)

Amish.Net is America's first website devoted to Amish Country information, Amish made products and tourism services. Here you'll learn about the Amish people and history, the Amish culture, and its best-known icon, the horse-drawn Amish buggy

Miles of Mules is an arts project that stretches the 165 mile length of the Delaware and Lehigh Canal Corridor. More than 150 decorated, life-sized fiberglass mules dot the landscape of five Pennsylvania Counties

You Know You're From New Mexico When you price-shop for tortillas, you hated Texans until the Californians moved in, and your swamp cooler got knocked off your roof by a dust devil…

New England Ruins by Rob Dobi

John Wayne is not dead - Folks, I'd like to sing a song about the American dream. About me. About you. About the way our American hearts beat way down in the bottom of our chests… (Warning: May offend 49% of all Americans!)

The American Lung Association State of the Air 2004 report

Many More Strange Items about America Here

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Elvis has left the building: Time for another portion of Grow-a-Brain’s “List of Firsts”

Elvis_pelvis_1 Games of the First Olympiad - 1896

The car that changed the world: First Model T comes together - August 12, 1908

"My Daddy Rocks Me (with One Good Steady Roll)" - There are many candidates for the title of the first Rock and Roll record - 1922!

The Earliest Known Recording of Broadcast Television from the BBC's 30-line service: The 'Silvatone' Recording: 1933

Who was the first to say “Elvis has left the building”? December 15, 1956

Speech synthesis have come along way. Listen to the first full text-to-speech system, done by the Japanese Noriko Umeda and co. - 1968

One of William Henry Gates III first open letters to hobbyists - February 3, 1976

The First Blog Ever! - April 27, 1983

Who will be the first to swim around the world? Farfetched it may seem but when Benoit Lecomte swam across the Atlantic in 1998 he introduced a new global sports challenge: the first to swim around the world

Painting of Elvis with a banana above by Naoki Mitsuse. If you like ‘em, you must visit our Long List of Eclectic “First Ever”s Here

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August 23, 2004

Hall of Anomalies Unlimited

Lincoln_penny No, it’s not the Elephant Man, it’s the Bread Man - At long last, I’ve found a performance artist that caters to my likes and preferences!

Welcome to the fascinating and exciting world of collecting errors on United States stamps. Error collecting is rapidly becoming one of the most popular specialty areas within the field of stamp collecting today.

Wilford Brimley, The musical (?!)

Inflatable Mona Lisa. Comes with "Mona Goes Dada!" stick-on moustache and goatee, and a patch kit. Found on The Inflatable Museum

Wilson, Keppel and Betty formed the greatest eccentric dance act of all time

A day in the Life of my Mouth. (From Pinhole Photography by Justin Quinnell)

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness, by Darren Barefoot

Naturist cartoons. (Warning: Naturist cartoons!)

Snoozers of the World - Hard at Work

Photo of a penny with a drawer carved into it, above, is from Anomalies Unlimited. MANY more Anomalies Unlimited there. Other Strange Oddities Here

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Recycle it

marry_me How to stop eating sugar

New Year’s resolutions, seven months later. By Andy Borowitz. Resolution No. 1: I Will Quit Smoking… Resolution No. 4: I Will Stop Sneaking Up Behind People and Poking Them with a Sharp Wooden Stick…

Build Your Own Batphone, with Mr. Stinkhead

Tammi, will you marry me ?

Win a date with Mustard Man

The Art Of Casting Spells from “Psychic Journal”

Ten tips for living authentically, from Curt Rosengren, Passion Catalyst

Don’t ever throw garbage away. You never know what will come in handy for a craft project or fill a need around the house. Here are some everyday household stuff you can use all that old stuff for

More Useful Things to Do Here

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Hula dancing and Poi

Hawaii_hula Local farmer seeks markets for exotic fruits: Strawberry guava, bilimbi, lilikoi, jaboticaba, rambutan, starfruit and many other unusual fruits have been left to rot in Hawaii's tropical fruit market

Vintage Style Posters of Paradise and Hula girl images. (Both from “Exclamation Mark”)

More Hawaiian Shirt Clocks

Also, Hula lamps

Hawaii Five-O Episode List

How to identify 40 species of Hawaii sharks

SUV takes plunge in Hawai'i Kai

Local poll: What is your favorite & least favorite local food? (From “Attu”)

King Kamehameha Day and other Hawaii State Holidays

More Unusual Links about Hawaii Here

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Baby gerbils and giant catfish

Most_beautiful_dog A dog named Google. Also, a whole website for Tag, the dog

Peter Luke, over at Diversionz had a couple of extra gerbil in the kids gerbil cage when we woke up the other day…

Too many garlic mashed potatoes? Try Spotscent Breath Strips for Dogs. (From “Toxic brain waves”)

Elvis dog Singing “Fever”

I like cows. Cows like me. I want a cow family...

The best cat food any cat ever imagined cartoon

A giant catfish with a basketball stuck in its mouth (with photos)

Jelly Fish gallery by Chip Talbert. (From “Robby The Robot”). Try also, The Antquarium, a Japanese ant farm

Making the rounds: Surreal Deep Sea Creatures. (Image heavy)

Many More Unusual Animal Links Here

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August 22, 2004

"Cat Taught Not To Sleep In Wok"

Cuts_of_meat Kangaroo Meat - The Basic Cuts. (From Information Junk)

The true cost of meat - Americans each chomp their way through an astounding 220 lbs. of meat every year - that's a medium steak per person per day -

Hillbilly hotdogs

Magic mushroom

More Giant Fruits & Vegetable Postcards

Tomato Throw Pillow. (From The Needlepoint Museum)

What do cats really taste like...

A bouquet out of vegetables. More Fruit and Vegetable Carving by Kae-Sa-Luk

McDonald Banner Ads that didn't quite make it. (From Invisible College)

Headline above is from The Onion. Other headlines this week: "Drywall Worker Plastered", and "Homosexual Tearfully Admits To Being Governor Of New Jersey". Many More vegetarian & anti-vegetarian Links Here

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Attacks on the candidates' war record

Leadership_medal Settling once & for all the controversy surrounding the medals of George W. Bush: Due to a large number of requests for information about his wartime heroism, I began studying his medals. What I found surprised me, and I felt it was my duty as an American to spread these remarkable findings. (This item will be picked up tomorrow by 51% of bloggers in America, me predict)...

The new & comprehensive 2004 Onion Election Guide contains all your favorite articles from the last year: Bush 2004 Campaign Pledges To Restore Honor And Dignity To White House, Kerry Unveils One-Point Plan For Better America, Many Americans Still Unsure Whom To Vote Against, "If Elected, I Will Be Extremely Surprised", and What do you think about Conservative Teens

With 2004 being a presidential election year, Dancing Deer is doing its part with the Dancing Deer Gingerbread Cookie Voter map: One cookie, one electoral vote

In the last few months, blogger Tom Mcmahon featured a nice series showing many of the red & blue results of previous elections. Here is the complete history of the Presidential Election Map Comparison

Nader '04 Impact Map

Another map, from "shape of days", this time of The worst-case scenario: 269-269

The latest news about The George W Bush presidential Library from a trusted American news source

The People's Guide to the Republican National Convention is the definitive guide to the public events surrounding the Republican National Convention in New York City

America, The Beautiful. (From the redesigned "Fish Bucket")

More Fair and Balanced News about the Election Here

Update: The Bush Medals Item was picked up by Metafilter, Waxy, Sixfruit and a bunch of other sites! That didn't take long!

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