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August 20, 2004

Life in the Occupied Territories

slingshot The hard & complicated life of Israeli Arab. More: Exiled from Babylon - The life & death of Iraqi writer Samir Naqqash

Wanna buy some Israeli surplus military systems? Here’s your chance

Breaking news (from February 14): Taliban confirms bin Laden is missing

Middle East Gawker parody

'Nobody is going to live forever' – Interview with jailed, 15-year-old suicide bomber

The Sticker Song: Honk if You Love to Sing Bumper Stickers. The new hit song in Israel. Here are the lyrics to שירת הסטיקר.

Many Unusual Links about Israel & Palestine Here

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I'm so pleased that I saw your referral in my site counter log & visited your site to see that you've posted a link to the Hebrew lyrics for Shirat Hasticker. I've been looking for them for some time. I'm also looking for a way to purchase either the song or album on-line. Would you know of a site where I can do this?

Thanks also for your link to my post on the song.

Posted by: Richard Silverstein at Sep 8, 2004 10:42:07 PM