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August 16, 2004

Coffins of Soldiers

Famous_iraq_coffins Four months after the political storm, here’s the follow-up story: Lives altered by photo of coffins

Do you have a right to see this picture? Seditious libel's shadow

Handy Woodworking Course: Build Your Own Casket

Cosco to sell Caskets in stores

Six Feet Under, The Game

Eagle Custom Caskets has a product selection geared specifically to bikers! If you or your loved one are headed for biker heaven, there simply is no other choice

Art Caskets

12 of Kane Quaye Fantasy Coffins at the National Museum of Funeral History

Pet Caskets

Biodegradable casket out of woven wicker or bamboo

Angel Michelangelo - This model is sold for $600 more by some Web Casket suppliers for the exact same casket!

Many More Unusual Coffins & Caskets and Links About Death and Eternity Here

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