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August 31, 2004

Famous Realtors

famous_realtor Free idea from Mister Pants: If you're moving, here's a way to save money on moving costs: before you move, loan all of your belongings to friends. And then after you've moved, ask them to return them.

Welcome to Trygve Lode's treehouse

Bricks and Brass is your web site if you are looking for an older, period house

Previously mentioned: Realtors with unfortunate names

…”She married a successful, but not famous, realtor”…

Any other famous Realtors out there?

One man’s opinion: Do you still need an agent to buy a home? (Try to do it without one.)

“In an effort to sell my house I made a trip to the bible store. A friend of mine told me that if you buy a St. Joseph statue, bury it in the yard upside down and facing the house and say a prayer to St. Joseph everyday - your house will sell. So I buried the statue and prayed my anxious little heart out. St. Joseph, it's all in your hands now.”

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This is Brian Bosworth's post NFL career.

Posted by: MightyLambchop at Aug 31, 2004 11:56:41 PM