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August 14, 2004

Perfect Weather for Ice Work

fireman-angel Explore the 2004 St. Paul Ice Palace Festival

A large selection of Party Luge from the British firm “Ice Creations”

FrostiArt, a Finish ice & sand sculpting company specializing in international competitions. Visit their galleries.

You took away my heart

Henry Kaiser visited Antarctica in 2001. He brought back, amazing photos of ice towers, strange and gross creatures and ice dives. (“Metafilter” posting # 34929)

President Niyazov of Turkmenistan has ordered the construction of a palace made of ice in the heart of his desert country, one of the hottest on earth. Good job, Niyazov

Repost: Treasure hunting with Julian Beever. The rest of the series is at the bottom of the page

Our large Directories of Ice Sculptures as well as Sand Sculptures are here

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wow this is the best picture ever i love it its so touching

Posted by: jk at Feb 1, 2006 7:08:52 PM