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July 31, 2004

Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor_rigby_2 Joe Pesci sings “Got To Get You Into My Life” at the The Rock & Roll Hall of Shame. (From “Steel White Table”)

Douglas Coupland’s New Book

John Lemon

"HELP!" jigsaw puzzles . (From “Beatlegs”, Beatles bootleg recordings. Found on “J-Walk”)

“Since the early 1960's there has been two great loves in my life: comic books, and The Beatles. So "Beatles and Bizarros" gives listings of various appearences of The Beatles in comic book format, as well as the DC character, Bizarro”

Ringo sings I love my suit with Davy Jones and Harry Nilsson on Japanese TV. (From Waxy). Belated Happy Birthday, Ringo

Rooftop Sessions, juvenile Beatles-Related Fan Fiction

The lost “Mal Evans archive” found in a suitcase at an Australian flea market

Sculpture above of Eleanor Rigby . Our Extensive Beatles Collection Here

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Cyber Adventures

Flying_hot_air When in Vienna, take the Third Man Walking Tour

When in Crawford, Texas, visit the Prairie Chapel ... the original community founded by Heinrich Engelbrecht

When in Toronto, find this interesting swing hanging in an alley

Stay at the finest Hotels in Iraq. Bring your own Kevlar.

Yemen is known for -

Update: On March 4th, I blogged about Tiger Woods at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Abu Dubai. Here are more photos from the Dubai Desert Classic and hotel

Ancient Stones, a site dedicated to the stone circles and standing stones of Britain

Pissing Aussies off for a whole year. (From Capital of Nasty Electronic Magazine)

Oetzi the Ice Man (aka Frozen Fritz) is the original Ice Man at the South Tirol Museum of Archaeology

Maine Nautical Links from “Maine Harbors”

(By the way, last night CollegeHumor.com linked to our Steven Wright one-liners page and we are getting over 350 hits per hour…)

Photo above from Kevin Byrd. Many Unusual Travel Links Here

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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

chocolate_wonka Roulette Chocolate, 11 chocolate-bullets with praline, one with jalapeño. (From “Coolio’s”). See also, Electro chock Roulette

Chocolate June bug

Dolfin Belgian chocolates contain unusual spices: Hot masala, mint, peppercorn, aniseed and tea leaves

For adults only: Adult Chocolate Pops. You have to show two forms of ID to purchase one

(Last year when I visited Israel, my family took me to the Chocolate Gallery in Rosh Pina. In this mountainous Galilee town, in a restored stone building built at the end of the 19th century, they serve a delightful chocolate menu. The site unfortunately is only in Hebrew).

Geneviève Grandbois

Many More Unusual Chocolates and Unusual Desserts Here

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Alcohol-free Alcohol

Iced_tea Everybody’s excited over the upcoming Liquid Donuts from Krispy Kreme. (Except the person who actually tried them - Soylent Kreme)

AWOL Machine, Alcohol With Out Liquid™ - Snort your favorite booze and don’t bother with the liquids. Get plastered sniffing air. Yum.

World's Largest Wine Bottle Holds over 45 gallons of Beringer's Napa Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon for Morton's Steakhouse

Monster Energy (From Energy Drink Review. Would you drink “Energy” drinks? I wouldn’t)

But I would try a Curry Cocktail… Mmmm

History & the original formula of the Mai Tai

'The point of drinking is to get drunk' say Europe's worst binge drinkers

The Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters and old Hungover postcards

By the way, here’s the new site for information about the Google's IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Come on, Grab a graphic to link to Grow-a-Brain, won't you? Many More Unusual Drinks and Drunks Here

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July 30, 2004

More Lists of Things To Do

Many more people compile their lists of things to do before they die. At the bottom, you'll find one of the most comprehensive listing of those lists.

There are some things that are best done clothed. Likewise there are some things best done nude. There are also many more things that can be done equally well clothed or nude. How about Ironing?

101 things to do if you're locked in a room for the next fifty years with only a mattress, a boombox, and a copy of Insision's new album

1001 things to do with Liquid Nitrogen

390 Things To Do - The top 10 in 39 cities. Also, The World's Top 100 Wonders

Corsinet’s New List

Alt Text’s List

Our Comprehensive List of Things To Do Before You Die Here

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Magic of the Mind

Ashley is 13 years old. Here is her Hand Shadows site

Magic Bike is a mobile WiFi hotspot that gives free Internet connectivity wherever its ridden or parked. (From “Ordo Magazine”)

The Yuni 20-inch Ultimate Wheel

magic_eyeReally Pathetic Magicians

Telekinesis refers to moving objects from one place to another without using physical contact…

THEM - Extreme Magic

Ideas for Magic with Paper, by Jeff Lindsay

You Do Magic Videos. (From Ehud Segev, The Mentalist)

Many More Magic Links Here

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Happy Birthday, John Kimble: We are going to play a fun game. It's called, "who is your daddy, and what does he do?"

pumping_ironIt is the Governator’s Birthday. In Austria, they issued Arnold Postage Stamp . In Iraq they sang “Happy Birthday”

You were best when you were Pumping Iron

Other big pecs at the Arnold Classic. So, won’t you Rate My Pecs?

Nice Hat

Schwarzenegger's Lifetime Gross Total: $1,621,940,362. Best grossing movie: T2

Party Time for happy Arnold

Being Arnold Schwarzenegger

Around the World in 80 Days

Bienvenido a California - Governor Schwarzenegger's Site in Spanish

Photo above from TK Blog. Many Strange Links about Schwarzenegger Here

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July 29, 2004

JFK’s Excellent Speech!

next_president Osama Captured! Kerry Campaign Questions Timing

The Text of Kerry’s Acceptance Speech

Live blogging by Oxblog from the convention floor

JFK’s signature

In His Own Words (Another incendiary flash. From “Metafilter”)

And Bill Maher returns to “Real Time”, interviewing Michael Moore tomorrow night

More News and Blues Here

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July 28, 2004

Peace is made by people

Will_ferrell_snl_1 Peace symbols - the origin and the ideas behind the symbols. (From the local “Airbag”). Also, the worlds largest peace sign collection. (From Country Joe McDonald )

“Worth 1000” treatment of War and Peace

Seeds of Peace

Not on the subject, but I must post it today: Funny Straight Talk with Will Ferrell. (From some organization called ACT, America Coming Together)

Many More Unusual Links About Peace and About War Here

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One Grain

Sand_bottles Kinetic Sand Sculptures by Helmut Baur

Among the most popular things to buy in Jordan are the decorated sand bottles , sometimes with the most intricate designs. The inventor of the sand bottles as art was Andrew Clemens (1857-1894. Sorry, a Tripod site)

Disney Sand Sculptures. (Probably in Orlando, or such place)

The Amazing Wild West Festival of the “Nederlands Zandsculpturenfestival”

Sudarsan's Indian Sand Art

Arch for Arch Sake by Amazin' Walter

Not so artsy - Drip Castles

See Our Extensive Sand Sculptures Galleries and Ice Sculptures Galleries Here

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Eat your Veggies

Yellow_watermelon McDonald's food packaging

“I’ve invented BLT Scented Candles. Maybe I’m crazy, but here’s how my mind works…”

John Evans and his record-breaking, Giant Vegetables

Eat Your Peas by Paul Hargrave

A banana a day keeps the doctor away, from “At the heart of it”

Repost: One Mad Cow (Talks like a true vice president. From the same mad Tom who brought us Screamin’ Eagle and more)

2003 Toy Awards Winner: PLAY-DOH George Foreman Grill. Get your toddlers trained from early age. (From Dangerboy Andy Roberts)

God Eats Red Meat is dedicated to providing instruction and insight to Christians in their day-to-day dealings with animal rights extremism. Do you know why the environmental movement is entitled Watermelon Environmentalism?

Wink, wink. Nod, nod. Say-no-more, say-no-more. Many More Strange Vegetables Here

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A Passage

rangoli_indiaPhotos of Men wearing dhotis and of Tribal men & women

Rangoli: The Painted Prayers of India. Photos of Rangoli

India to build the world's biggest statue of the Buddha

On Shiva Shakti , you will find information about yantra, mantra, tantra and other material relating to some of the different traditions; texts on the siddhas, gurus and yogis of the Natha sampradaya including Gorakhnath, Matsyendranath and Dattatreya; much about kundalini, nadis, chakras; images of tantric kula devas (gods) and devis (goddesses) including Kali, Tripura, Shiva, Ganesha, Cchinnamasta, Durga and Tara; pujas and practices; meditations and dharanas; the inner meaning of kaulachara, vamachara and svecchacharya and much more

Many More Unusual Links about India And About Denmark Here

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July 27, 2004

The smell of politics in the morning

Presidents And Prosperity – Forbes ranks The Best American Presidents. Guess who’s number one, based on GDP, employment growth and deficit reduction… Guess who’s number ten.

Ordering pizza in a surveillance society: When did you lose your privacy? Around 1980...

11_hot_link_button Terror Threat Index Illustrated by James Koehnline

What is going on at the Democratic National Convention? John Kerry to wed running mate in civil ceremony…

White House Panoramic Tours

Top 25 Celebrities Turned Politicians: From Eastwood to Arnold

I Agree With Me, by P. J. O'Rourke: "I don't think drugs are bad. I used to be a hippie. I think drugs are fun. Now I'm a conservative. I think fun is bad..."

I like the liars, without them politics would be boring

hitler_nazi The Platform of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, Nazis 1920. (From “Dean's World”)

Political Shopping List: Axis of Evil T-Shirt: Watch out, you’re next, and More Sex, Less Guns refrigerator magnet

The Armageddon Plan: Continuity-of-government program from the 80’s

The Diddly Awards: Honoring the jaw-dropping achievements of the 108th Congress, from “Mother Jones”

Painting workshops for Zimbabwe street kids

"Jim Bakker spells his name with two k's because three would be too obvious." (Bill Maher)

Many Strange Links about Politics Here

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Mostly Useless Information


The inflation of the American dream - How many children & a white picket fence do you really want?

Explore the world of big numbers: How big is a zillion? How small is a quadrillion? More.

Population density - Persons per sq km. Most populous state – Macau.

Countries With Multiple Capitals

Ancient Maya Calculator and Maya Mathematics

The porning of America - Has porn's proliferation desensitized us to its power?

The 100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century. (From The Top 100 This-and-Thats of the 20th Century. Some dead links there)

A riddle from Eitan: Mom is 21 years older than her son. In 6 years she will be 5 times older than him. Do you know where his dad is? Post your answer below or wait until tomorrow.

Many links that links that will make you smart Here

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July 26, 2004

Wild animal of the day

big_dog We are listening to - Whale Sounds

At Nodding you can see pictures of nodding dogs around the planet. These cute cult animals are also called bobbing head dogs. You know, most of their life they spend nodding with their head in the rear of a car. But an ever increasing group of people is taking their dogs on their trips. See the results there. Photo above is from Argentina.

The Shire Horse Society on the internet. Patron – Her Majesty, the Queen. (From “no, 2 self”)

Close ups of Flies by Mark Plonsky

LhasaMopso and other biogenetically-engineered animals of the future from Aurelio at “GenieCorp”

Hit the Beach with Hippo Sweat - the Ultimate Cool. The only problem – It stinks

Amos the lollipop donkey, the crossing guard team in Custer, South Dakota

The thing I like the most about The Bronx Zoo Gorilla Forest website, is the design of the front page, naturally

Foofoo’s Cat Astrology

ostrich_head"The most interesting thing on the TV is a sleeping cat", and other Cat bumper stickers and buttons from Nancy Lebovitz.

One hot July day we found an old straggly cat at our door. She was a sorry sight. Starving, dirty, smelled terrible, skinny and hair all matted down. We felt sorry for her and put her in a carrier and took her to the vet. She had no name so we named her Pussycat

Scenes from the Hamster Ballet

Ostrich Head

The WAOTD (Wild animal of the day) is the Okapia (Okapia johnstoni) which is the closest living relative of the Giraffe, and the only animal that can lick its eyelids to clean them, being that its tongue is 14 inches long. (Thank you, Angie!)

(Why am I blogging about animals? The only animal I dealt with today was some ass who thought he knew better, and who may have lost $750,000 because of it). Many Unusual Animal Links Here

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