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May 19, 2004

Psychedelic Art

 Trippy_art LSD commemorative stamps from the USPO...

Visual Overdose, Energisers and other Crazy Images from Eyvind Almquist of Virtual-Exp Psy.

Java-Fuxation and many other trippy voyages from Entropy8zuper, the people who brought us Venus Trap

(Posted it before – but it’s trippy:) The rules are simple

Don’t forget to re-visit Acid Trip, the best of all Head Trips

The Psychedelic Sketches & Diary Pages by Hans Taeger - from the early 70's

The posters of the late Rick Griffin

LSD for the Homeless - Enough LSD to get them committed and into shelter

More about evil drugs especially Best Psychedelics in the World and Pot Here

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nice info buddy thanks

Posted by: vikram at Sep 25, 2008 2:58:39 AM