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May 30, 2004

Sunday’s Messiah

shouters An Introduction to Mieskuoro Huutajat, the Finnish Men's Choir Wild Shouters

Midi of Handel’s Arrival Of The Queen Sheba, played like he never would have imagined. (From “Borklog”)

Covers of Blue Note Jazz Records. (From “Incoming Signals”)

The Art Of Grace Slick: After retiring from Rock and Roll in 1989, Grace Slick began a new career in the visual arts

Iron Butterfly posters. (From Paddy Blake)

Fats Waller, born 100 years ago this week

Roll-up portable piano is on sale

The musical saw is just about the easiest musical instrument in the world to master. (From “Steel White Table”)

“Wayback Machine” archived thousands of live concerts of many different bands. Say goodbye to your family and start clicking…

An index to the operas, musicals, plays, and sacred oratorios and dramas in the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

Our Large Music Resource Center Here

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Actually, playing the saw is not so easy… have you ever tried it? Sure, making noises with it is easy, but to play precise notes, when there is no indication of where the notes are and when you have 1/4 tones and smaller intervals - that’s very difficult. Much more difficult than playing guitar or trumpet! Listen to a master saw player at www.cdBaby.com/paruz, and see if your playing comes any close to that.

Posted by: Misha at Jun 5, 2004 10:20:35 AM