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May 31, 2004

Memories of Wars

medal_of_honor The Congressional Medal Of Honor, for the bravest of the brave

The US Military Service Ribbons & Awards. Orders, Decorations and Medals world-wide

The correct order of wear of USAF ribbons

History of U.S. Armies in Uniform from 1747 to 2004

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s fifth book, "Brothers in Arms" about the 761st Tank Battalion (Colored), first all-black tank unit to fight in World War II

Famous Arab Americans, from Selma Hayek & Ralph Nader to John Sununu and F. Murray Abraham

Depression-era photographs that were shot in color. (From Endless Parade of Excellence)

Our large Americana Resource Here

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Fungus & Tornadoes

lightening How do the experts capture avalanches on film, and live to try again?

The Styx - Tasmania's Valley of the Giants contains the tallest hardwood trees on Earth

Xiong finds giant mushrooms in Phenological Garden. Longest living mushroom can live close to fifty years.

Lightning! From Mark’s Nasty weather and natural disasters collection

Mama's Minerals for gifts out of rocks, gems, minerals, geodes, and Crystals

Our Collection of Links about Nature Here

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Drinks on the house

Cold_drinks Making Homemade Soda is really very easy and much less expensive than store bought soda. Once you practice a little and get the proportions of sugar, flavoring syrup, yeast, and time to ferment in the bottle set to what your family likes the soda is really VERY good

Bell decanters , Masonic Jim Beam Decanter and decanters shaped like turn of the century Cadillacs . Among the many Jim Beam Collectibles

Got Swedish Milk? - The ad

How to Drink like an Englishman, in an English pub. (From Pete Ashton)

Liquored Jello-O

Our Huge Collection of Unusual Drinks Here

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Odd Comics & Comix

r_crumb_art R. Crumb Rubber Stamps (From “Information Junk”). Also, “Cheap Thrills” Album Cover - You can click on any section for a larger view. Here's R. Crumb's Devil Girl Choco-bar

Andrew Wyeth-style portrait of Homer Simpson by Roberto Parada

Discover “The Joy of Tech”. Which of the following is you? Google’s Valentine Day Graphics? “Haven’t you ever used underwear as a coffee filter before?” Internet dating? “According to my blog’s opinion poll”? or "If Cats could blog"? More than 500 other panels there.

The Israeli Ranan Lurie was one of world’s most influential political cartoonists. (Scroll down for the list of 72 world-leaders interviewed by him). But was he also a spy for the Mossad? (His wife, Tamar Lurie, by the way, is one of the most successful Coldwell Banker real estate brokers in the country)

Winners of the “Greatest Story Never Told MacroMedia Competition”

“DRT News” posts cartoons by Gibble Guts on a regular basis. Why? Because they are outrageous!

Flash: Tokyoplastic's AIWA Music Box (long download, but strange enough. From Jerry Kindall)

Our large Comics & Cartoons Resource Here

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More Unusual Magazines

Time_magazine_1 Capitalism Magazine is a daily magazine providing articles from a pro-capitalist, laissez-faire, pro-individual rights perspective

Sheep Magazine- The Voice of the Independent Flockmaster

The Christian Cowboys and Friends Magazine - Presenting Jesus!!!

Paper of Record is an historical archive of full-page newspaper images from the early 1800s to the mid 1900s

Fake Magazine Covers by readers of “Something Awful”. From “Torture Weekly” to “Metaphor Montly”… I’m sure that some of them actually exist. And, Real headlines. I like: "Man Wins $25,000 Bet By Swallowing Watermelon Whole"

Many More Unusual Newspapers and Magazines Here

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More real estate blogs

new_york_real_estate Just last week, “Inman News” wrote the first serious article about real estate blogs. Now, here comes the first corporate-looking real estate blog, Lockhart Steele’s “Curbed”, covering Manhattan’ rentals, sales & development, with lots of general articles. Curbed is based on the idea that all conversation in New York eventually comes back to real estate, apartments, and neighborhoods. A good read for any interested party.

Blogs of other brokers: South Texas Real Estate by Roman Alfaro & Randy Watson, cowboy-Realtors from San Antonio

The Red Wagon Team of Keller Williams - The 2nd blog from Orange County, California

Durham Region real estate, which seems to be a secondary, local version of the excellent blog Toronto At Home

Costa Rican Real Estate: Is it a good investment? How does one go about learning it? How to avoid pitfalls

Our complete list of real estate blogs Here

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May 30, 2004

Iraq East

iraq-Siloutte BBC photos from the bombed-out Iraq wedding in Mukaradeeb, 19 May

Arlington West - White Crosses on a Beach of Santa Barbara, CA

Survivor: Baghdad (Old link)

Iraqi firefighters fighting a pipeline fire. “I think this is one of the finest news images I've seen in a long time. It's frightening, glorious, beautiful, amazing, informative, all at the same time.”

Iraqi artist Kalat creates statue of US GI . (See the long list of comments below it)

Country Joe McDonald sings Cakewalk to Baghdad:
"It went real easy,
Took a couple of weeks
Tore down that statue
Set those Saddamites free
The frogs and the krauts, they feel real bad,
'Cause they missed out cakewalkin' into Baghdad..."

America's Incompetent Colonialism, and Opening the Doors: Intellectual Life and Academic Conditions in Post-War Baghdad. Both by Keith Watenpaugh

Nick Berg Execution Coverage (From "Camera/Iraq" )

iraqi_women Fishing on the Tigris in Baghdad

Day at the races at the Baghdad Equestrian Club

The old Iraqi Royal Family and old photographs of Iraqi people. (From the vast “Iraqi Pages”)

I am looking for information about the Valley of the Peace cemetery in Najaf in Najaf, considered to be one of the largest in the world. If anybody has a link to it, please email it to me. Our huge Archives of The War in Iraq are Here

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Sunday’s Messiah

shouters An Introduction to Mieskuoro Huutajat, the Finnish Men's Choir Wild Shouters

Midi of Handel’s Arrival Of The Queen Sheba, played like he never would have imagined. (From “Borklog”)

Covers of Blue Note Jazz Records. (From “Incoming Signals”)

The Art Of Grace Slick: After retiring from Rock and Roll in 1989, Grace Slick began a new career in the visual arts

Iron Butterfly posters. (From Paddy Blake)

Fats Waller, born 100 years ago this week

Roll-up portable piano is on sale

The musical saw is just about the easiest musical instrument in the world to master. (From “Steel White Table”)

“Wayback Machine” archived thousands of live concerts of many different bands. Say goodbye to your family and start clicking…

An index to the operas, musicals, plays, and sacred oratorios and dramas in the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

Our Large Music Resource Center Here

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News from Vegas

fear_las_vegas Rules of World Series of Poker . Story & Winners of The tournament

Benny Binion in his own words

The new Israeli mob in Las Vegas

Ashley Revell, a 32-year-old man from London, England, sold everything he owned, even his clothes, to try his luck Sunday on one spin of a roulette wheel

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Promo Pin, only $6

The Las Vegas Monorail

Bellagio Pictures

Some Unusual Las Vegas Links Here

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May 29, 2004

“Looking into the abyss”

Running_mate Diebold Posters: "It's not the votes that count, it's who counts the votes." (From “Angry Finger”)

“Welcome to the future official site of the George W. Bush Presidential Library. I'm Karl Rove, "the brains behind the Bush" and curator of the library.”

From McSweeney’s, “Pros And Cons Of John Kerry's Top Twenty Vice-Presidential Candidates”:
12. Bob Menendez, Representative, New Jersey –
Pro: Could solidify shaky support in New Jersey, lure Latino voters
Con: Along with brother Lyle, murdered parents

Text & video of Al Gore's May 26 Speech on Iraq at the MoveOn.com New York Meeting

History lesson: GOP must stop Bush By Carl Bernstein. Originally at “USA Today”

The nonpartisan national Campaign to Impeach Bush Cheney, Ashcroft and Rumsfeld Campaign and Operation American Liberation, November 2, 2004

Welcome to George Bush's Amazon Wish List. Apparently, Bush is a bad Christian, so here's why Christians Should Not Vote for Bush

Kerry historically is considered a "good closer". He better be, or we all end up in jail next year... More Biased Clips about the 2004 Election Here

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The Dude Abides

Lebowski_brad "Drawing a Line In The Sand" - Steve Buscemi, 'King of the Indies'

Nihilists, pederasts, and stoned bowlers come together again to celebrate The 3rd Annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY, June 18th - 20th, 2004. The origins of Lebowski Fest

The Dude Mobile, 1972 Plymouth Fury III stocked with Creedence tapes and no Eagles

The Big Lebowski Drinking Game: Every time Walter mentions Vietnam – 1 drink

Advocates For Jesus: The Second Coming: “We are trying to form a petition to persuade the Coen Brothers, to make a movie exclusively about the Jesus. While there are rumors floating about this movie being made, there is no official word. If you would like to see this masterpiece created, please sign our guestbook and voice your opinion, man!”

For nearly twenty years John Saleeby have made it a practice to avoid movies by the Coen Brothers…

“I mean, say what you will about the tenants of National Socialism, Dude -- at least it’s an ethos”: Entire Political Discussion Spoken Using Quotes From "The Big Lebowski"

The Big Lebowski Dance Page! Check it out! Be sure to scroll down

Dude with a Vision: Jeff "The Dude" Dowd Talks Indie Film Shop and Strategy

"You Know, For Kids!" a website concerned only with the cinematic output of the Coen brothers. (From Fat Buddha)

“The Chinaman is not the issue!” Lessons learned from The Big Lebowski

Photo above from Digital Prozac Movie Gallery. Our Big Lebowski Resource Center Here

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Lute Fish

Lutefish The original Garbage Plates was created at Nick Tahou's in Rochester, NY. In the meantime, there have been many imitations with many different names, such as Sloppy Plate, Trash Plate, Dumpster Plate, etc… (From Upbeat & Downstairs)

Norwegian lutefisk - Hear that gagging sound? It's Norwegian-Americans attempting to connect with their heritage. It happens every year at this time; thousands of people choke down an infamous concoction called lutefisk. This feeling is pretty universal

Record Sandwich - 3.5 meters by 3.5 meters

The 2004 Noodle Eating Championship in Ohio

All About Artichokes. (From “Craptastic”)

Our Extensive Food Resource Here

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A rabbi and a priest went into a bar…

rabbi_priest A. Why do Canadian anarchists like donuts so much?
B. Because it's a circle, eh?...

A. What is the definition of a really good tax accountant?
B. Someone who has a loophole named after him.
More Accounting Jokes here

Viola Jokes:
Q. Why do so many people take an instant dislike to the viola?
A. It saves time.

Two cannibals were sitting around a campfire one evening after supper. One cannibal says to the other: "your wife makes good soup!"

“…I guess we keep goin' through it because, uh, most of us need the eggs.

Lawyer Joke Emporium from NOLO

A few, Hilarious Jokes Here

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Say “Cheese”

Say_cheese The Atget Rephotographic Project: Eugene Atget made approximate 6,000 photographs of Paris between 1900 and 1926. Using reproductions of Atget’s photographs, students attempted to locate his “tripod holes” and to replicate the exact view and framing of his original scene. (From Kottke)

The Cellar Image of the Day brings note-worthy daily images, usually some time before they pops everywhere else (and they always do)

Love Cubes from Martin Parr

Returning to Brazil after 25 years I was captivated once again by the charm and beauty of the country. No doubt the Brazilians are photogenic subjects, but it goes deeper than the image. Compared to the paranoia of people I've wanted to photograph on American streets, Brazil is absolutely refreshing." (From Crazy Kimchi)

How Will I Know Her? is a web-based exhibit about being far from the one you love, for reasons that are out of your control

Our Odd Photography Collection is Here

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firecrackers Don’t let your dog steal your fireworks

400 Firecracker Labels

Massive Explosion at Fireworks Factory

A look at Alan St. Hill Brock’s Pyrotechnics book. (From Firework Museum in Plymouth, UK). Illustration from the book

Indoor Fireworks

Firework Champions 2004

Our Collection of Fireworks Links Here

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