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May 18, 2004


unclesamI haven’t seen it anywhere else - It looks like Google but is that the right way of spelling the URL? Is it spam, or is it a Google-approved brand-protection? The mystery deepens as you dig into the search results themselves...

Here’s a (real) neat Google feature that I just started using - Subject News Search by Date or Relevance

Google 'Staff Photographer' likes to annoy his colleagues by taking a ridiculous number of photos of them. More from "Google IPO Swami": Guess Google's IPO Price and Win Shares in the Company

Ginger, the Gingerbread Village Server: Ginger is a VIA Epia 800, hard drive, and power supply encased in a gingerbread village. The idea for this server "case-mod" came from two CIF members who thought that making a gingerbread village, without putting a computer inside of it was a crime against humanity

Other Relevant Internet Links Here

An update: "J-Walk" explains the background behind the Googlr misspelling...

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i agree with u

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