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April 16, 2004

How will we work & play?

future111.gifView the trailer for The Day After Tomorrow, Roland Emmerich’s new action big movie.

“Future Packaging & Preservation” right here in Covina are manufacturers of high-quality Preservation Time Capsules… (As usual, from “Information Junk”)

Can We Imagine the Far Future--Year 3000? . Can our minds even project that far? How will we work, play, propagate, communicate, worship, wonder? What forms of bodies will we have? What will our cities look like? How many nations will there be? How long will we live? What technologies will be available to us? What about family, business, government, education? How deep into space will humans have ventured? How many people will live on Earth? How strange will it be? (From “Santiago Theory”)

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I really like your image (growabrain.typepad.com/ growabrain/future111.gif). I went foraging the internet for a larger version and couldn't find it. It looks like a painting maybe made for NASA so I was hoping to get a print. Can you give me some more information?

Posted by: David Sweet at Mar 15, 2006 1:25:26 PM