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April 11, 2004

“That name sounds like royalty – Are you royalty?”

hot_link_button.gif Gunny Hartman welcomes you to this website! Also, “Do you think I’m cute, Private Pyle, do you think I’m funny?!” “Full Metal Jacket” Soundboard from “Ebaumsworld”.

Steadicam work on “The Shining” (From the Italian Archivio Kubrick)

Citizen Kubrick: Stanley Kubrick's films were landmark events - majestic, memorable and richly researched. But, as the years went by, the time between films grew longer and longer, and less and less was seen of the director. What on earth was he doing? Two years after his death, Jon Ronson was invited to the Kubrick estate and let loose among the fabled archive. He was looking for a solution to the mystery - this is what he found.

Bergman_seventh_seal Bergman 'depressed' by own films

From director Wim Wenders and his wife, Donata The Buena Vista Social Club Companion Book

The John Cassavetes Pages, dedicated to the spiritual father of American Independent filmmaking

More Links about film directors Here

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First major exhibition of Kubrick's film props, possessions and memorabilia.

Posted by: Kahulio at Apr 12, 2004 9:54:41 AM

I want to learn to cuss like a Drill Instructor or learn how to cuss like Lee Ermy

Posted by: Frank Chen at May 27, 2005 12:22:12 PM

I am a former Marine and I think the Gunny is AWSOME!!! I watch "Full Metal Jacket" three times a week. I am Ermey's biggest fan. I recently got my hands on a poster of him holding the O.D. Green Glock and I would love to know the next function he will be attending in North Carolina so I could maybe get an autograph or a picture with him.
Jonathan Bass

Posted by: Jonathan Bass at Jul 26, 2007 6:11:02 PM